Quantum Gold Fund all set to complete one year of success!!!

Posted On Thursday, Feb 19, 2009


Quantum Gold Fund (an exchange traded fund) will soon complete a year since its inception (allotment) on 22nd February 2008. We launched the fund almost a year ago to enable retail investor’s to take exposure to high quality of Gold, in demat form on NSE, without the hassles of security,storage,insurance etc.

For being investors in the Quantum Gold Fund, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for imposing faith in Quantum and its philosophy viz low cost, direct to investors and research based decision making.

We have always strived to use innovative, yet economical channels to reach out to our investors and internet is one of them. We also have focused on educating the investor`s on advantages of Gold as an asset class, through our flagship publication “The Golden Truth”. We have tried to empower our investors by giving comprehensive information on gold on our website.

As a result of all these low cost efforts, we are glad to inform you that in a short span since its inception, the number of investors in your Quantum Gold Fund have multiplied by more than five times. This encourages us a lot to move forward on the less treaded path that Quantum has opted for in the mutual fund industry; the direct to investor model.

The investment objective of the Quantum Gold Fund is to “closely track” the domestic prices of Gold, before expenses. We have not deviated from this mandate and will be our endeavor to continue to perform in the same manner.

Since its listing (28th February 2008), your Quantum Gold Fund has returned 25% vis-à-vis the domestic price of gold which has returned 26% (as on 18th February 2009). Quantum Gold Fund has also acted as an “Effective Portfolio Insurance” by minimizing your losses, if any, from the stock markets.

Table I: Performance comparison between Quantum Gold Fund and Sensex

YearQuantum Gold FundBSE Sensex
Since Inception of Quantum Gold Fund
(22nd Feb 2008 - 18th Feb 2009)
29.7%-48 %

Source: Bloomberg

We would continue to use this platform to give more and more information on the Quantum Gold Fund to our investors, since its investor’s right to know about it.

Here are some of the salient features of your Quantum Gold Fund that every investor should know:

  • Quantum Gold Fund invests in 0.995 purity gold sourced from refiners accredited by London Bullion Market Association only.
  • Quantum Gold Fund is the only Gold ETF in India with underlying of as low as ½ gram of Gold per unit.
  • The underlying Gold is held in secured professional vaults in Mumbai.
  • Gold held is completely insured and that includes terrorism insurance.
  • Gold held is physically verified and also audited on a regular basis.
  • We neither time the market nor trade in the gold held by the scheme.
  • We endeavor to stay fully (i.e. to the maximum level possible) invested at all times in physical gold.

Once again we thank you for investing in the Quantum Gold fund and please do let us know your views and suggestions on the same. We would be happy to hear from you.

Warm Regards,

Devendra Nevgi

Above article is authored by Quantum.

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