Investing in What We Preach

In December 2005 we launched India's 29th mutual fund but the first, dedicated direct-to-investor mutual fund. Quantum is a fund house that does not believe in gathering money, but one that believes in working for the investor by faithfully managing what you entrust to us.

While most mutual fund houses in the industry follow the "star fund manager" approach, we adopted a team-driven, well defined research and investment process. A process that leads to stocks in the portfolio having predictable characteristics. A process that gives the portfolio a predictable behavioural pattern. This formed the core of our investment philosophy.

And as much as we are staunch believers in our investment philosophy and team-driven approach, we are willing to back our belief with action; by ourselves investing in the funds that we offer to investors like you.

Would you eat a cake which the chef would not? Neither would we offer funds in which our own people don't believe in!

The fund managers and members of the research team - besides other team members across functions - invest in the funds we manage. Our people believe in – and invest in - our own funds and pay the same costs as you and other unit holders.

Investing in our own funds not only bears testimony to our conviction in the funds we manage but also serves as an indication of our commitment to investors. The same commitment that drives us to be pioneers in making the investment process simple for investors, in introducing new platforms for investing, and in providing new disclosures that empower investors...

The same commitment that drove us to flow against the tide of the industry when we decided to be "direct-to-investor", to eliminate entry loads on investments, to keep our products low cost, to educate investors on good investing.

We are pleased to voluntarily disclose Quantum's Contribution* in the AUM of Quantum Mutual Fund so that our investors, too, can invest with confidence and conviction in Quantum products.

Here is a graphical representation of Quantum's Contribution* vis-a-vis the AUM of Quantum Funds and as a percentage of investments into AUM since Inception of Quantum Mutual Fund. 

*Quantum's Contribution includes investments made by:

  • The Founder of Quantum Advisors - Ajit Dayal (Click here to see the Portfolio Composition)
  • Quantum AMC and its Directors and Employees - AMC
  • Quantum Trustee and its Directors - Trustee
  • Quantum Advisors and its Employees - Sponsor
  • Quantum Trustee and its Directors - Trustee
  • The compensation in aggregate paid in the form of units to Designated Employees in terms of SEBI circular dated April 28, 2021 click here.

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