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About The Fund

Quantum brings to you an easy way to ride India’s growth story with a fund that provides exposure to the Nifty 50 Index. It is a critical block in our suite of products that gives investors a one-stop-shop solution to diversity their investments in passive funds according to our tried and tested 12:20:80 Asset Allocation Strategy.

The Quantum Nifty 50 ETF Fund of Fund is a first of its kind wrapper fund that invests in units of the Quantum Nifty 50 ETF, offering the efficiency of an ETF with the convenience of an Index Fund. The underlying Quantum Nifty 50 ETF tracks/ replicates India’s Nifty 50 companies and has a proven track record of 14 years and counting.

5 Reasons to invest in the Quantum Nifty 50 ETF Fund of Fund
  • 1. First of its kind Nifty 50 ETF wrapper fund .

  • 2. Low tracking error of underlying fund.

  • 3. No Demat Account required.

  • 4. Diversified portfolio across top Nifty 50 in different sectors.

  • 5. Invest with as low as Rs.500.

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Product Label

  • Name of the Scheme

    (An Open-ended fund of fund investing in units of Quantum Nifty 50 ETF)

  • This product is suitable for investors who are seeking*

    • Long term capital appreciation

    • Investments in units of Quantum Nifty 50 ETF – Exchange Traded Fund
    • Riskometer of scheme

      Investors understand that their principal will be at Very High Risk

    • Riskometer of Benchmark as of Jul 31, 2022

#The product labeling assigned during the NFO is based on internal assessment of the scheme characteristics or model portfolio and the same may vary post NFO when the actual investments are made. For latest riskometer, investors may refer to the Monthly Portfolios disclosed on the website of the Fund

Investors of Quantum Nifty 50 ETF Fund of Fund (Scheme) will bear the recurring expenses of the Scheme in addition to the expenses of Quantum Nifty 50 ETF.

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