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Mutual funds are among the most popular investment avenues in India. As per AMFI, tThe Assets Under Management(AUM) of the mutual fund industry in India has grown from ₹7.6 trillion to ₹39.89 trillion between December 31, 2012, and December 31, 2022. This is over 5-fold growth in 10 years. Although mutual funds are exposed to market risks, you can estimate the returns fairly accurately. For that, you can use a mutual fund calculator online.  

What Is a Mutual Fund Calculator?

A fund house always cautions the investors that the good performance of a mutual fund in the past doesn't promise the same in the future. So, you must look at how a fund might perform in the future. A mutual fund returns calculator can help you know that.

The calculator helps assess the effect of certain variables (like the rate of returns, time horizon and investment amount) on the investment value and your total gains. Say you wish to invest in buying a house. You put the data and see that your investment value falls slightly short of the value of the property you want to buy. Then you can change any of the variables as per your preference to check how you can meet your target by adjusting the investment strategy.

Besides, using a mutual fund calculator, you can calculate returns in both lump sum and SIP (systematic investment plan) modes and compare them. For example, investing ₹5,00,000 as a lump sum or investing it over 3 years can yield different returns. Calculating them manually can take a lot of time, but with the digital calculator, it takes not even 30 seconds.

What Is the Mutual Fund Return Calculation Formula?

You need to know the formula for calculating mutual fund returns when you estimate that manually. It is much faster and easier to use a mutual fund returns calculator. Even despite using the online calculator, you may wish to know the formula involved in the calculation of mutual fund returns. For that, take a look below at the formula below. Remember that the formulae for SIP and lumpsum modes of investment differ.

SIP Investment Lumpsum Investment
M = A [ (1 + r)n – 1] x (1 + r)/r M = P (1 + r/100)n
M = Maturity amount

A = SIP instalment per period

r = Estimated rate of returns

n = Holding period (in months)

Note: Adjust n and r suitably for weekly or daily SIPs.
M = Maturity amount

P = Principal amount

r = Estimated rate of returns

n = Holding period (in years)

Remember the following points before using an MF calculator:

  • The rate of returns used in the SIP formula is the extended internal rate of return (XIRR). The one used in the formula for the lumpsum mode is the compound annual growth rate (CAGR). CAGR is used to compute returns on a point-to-point basis. XIRR is used for multiple cash flows (as in a systematic investment plan) since the returns vary from each cash flow. XIRR helps calculate the percentage of a single return from all cash flows and is applicable to SIP.
  • Depending on the chosen fund scheme and whether you pick a regular or direct plan, the expected returns will differ. If you invest via a regular mode (such as through a distributor, advisor or broker), the fund house deducts its commission from the returns you get. As an intermediary is not involved in a direct plan, you need not pay a commission. This brings down the expense ratio and implies comparatively higher returns than those in a regular plan.

How Do These Calculators Work?

Here is an example of how a mutual fund calculator works in SIP, where the NAV changes monthly, and a specific amount of money can help you buy a different number of units every month.

Say you invest ₹1,000 through SIP for 12 months. When you avail of the plan, the NAV of the selected stock is ₹10, and in the first month, you can buy 100 units of the stock. The NAV rises to ₹20 in the second month. Now you can purchase only 50 units of the same stock.

A digital MF calculator predicts the returns on your investment depending on certain parameters. You just need to input the expected rate of returns, the duration of your investment and the SIP instalment amount, and the calculator will give you results in a snap.

What Are the Benefits Of Using These Calculators Online?

Get Results for Both Lumpsum and SIP Investments

You can use a mutual fund returns calculator to estimate returns from your investment via both SIP and lumpsum modes.

Estimate Investment or Maturity Amount

You can use an MF calculator to calculate the regular investment amount for a financial goal or the final maturity value of your periodic investments.

Compare Investment Returns

You can change the values of the parameters (like the SIP amount, the investment duration and the rate of returns) to compare the expected returns in various scenarios.

Plan Investments Easily

You can easily access an online mutual fund calculator on both a phone and a computer. The tool can help in planning your investments on the go or even from the comfort of your house.

Save Time and Efforts

Since the calculator works digitally, it can give results in just a few seconds. This can help save a lot of time and effort needed to do the same work manually.

Get Fairly Accurate Results

A mutual fund returns calculator can give a nearly accurate estimate of the expected returns from your investments.

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