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  • Reluctant Normalisation Posted On Thursday, Sep 23, 2021
    Liquidity surplus in the Indian banking system surged to a new historic peak at over Rs. 11 trillion in September 2021.
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  • Investing In The ‘New Normal’ Posted On Friday, Aug 20, 2021
    There has been a lot of debate about the dramatic re-emergence of inflation and its impact on monetary policy.
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  • The Bond Shakeout Posted On Thursday, Jul 22, 2021
    The interest rate has the power to make or break an economy.
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  • Inflection Point Posted On Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021
    Investopedia defines an inflection point as a significant change in the progress of an economy, markets, industry and can be considered a turning point after which a dramatic change, positive or negative is expected.
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  • The Inflation Tantrum Posted On Monday, May 24, 2021
    Inflation is a phenomenon that scares governments and policymakers across oceans.
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  • The Critical Dilemma Posted On Thursday, Apr 22, 2021
    Over the last decade, central banks have become a major participant in financial markets.
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  • Lower For (No) Longer Posted On Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021
    The legendary investor Warren Buffet in his annual letter to shareholders wrote –
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  • Fiscal Escalation: Spend, Borrow and Print Posted On Thursday, Feb 11, 2021
    An American Investment Manager Warren Mosler, in 1970s
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  • The Great Normalization Posted On Thursday, Jan 14, 2021
    Despite the subdued celebration in welcoming the New Year, we have now passed the tumultuous 2020 and entered in 2021 with lots of hope and excitement.
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  • The Liquidity Glut Posted On Monday, Dec 14, 2020
    Liquidity is the life blood of an economy.
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