• Economic Times
    If you do not treat me well as an investor, I do not care what the macro story is for India: Ajit Dayal, Quantum Advisors

    Ajit Dayal of Quantum Advisors cautions about the dangers of high allocations in smallcap funds due to liquidity concerns and stresses the importance of governance in investments to ensure profitability and mitigate risks in the Indian market. Dayal also says: "European capital for India is also important and European capital is increasingly trying to find alternatives to be in other nations besides China."

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  • ET Now
    High Exposure To Smallcaps Should Be Avoided: Ajit Dayal On Market | Exclusive

    'When we do our own stress test, we use different material. What Amfi has used is take your 20% portfolio, which is most illiquid, and don't count that. Just pretend it doesn't exist. And then tell me what your liquidity is. Now, just think about the sense of this, right? When there's a redemption, therefore, the small cap fund, if and when there's a redemption, sell most liquid shares to those who are leaving. And the people who are staying in the fund, imagine that they'll be holding more and more illiquid shares in the fund. So you're basically building up a time bomb where you're forcing retail investors, those who remain, those who are to hold more illiquid shares. That is the illogical... sort of calculation that's come out of AMFIB', says Ajit_Dayal

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  • CNBC TV 18
    Not Easy To Find Value In Consumer Discretionary Space: Quantum Advisors

    | Not easy to find value in consumer discretionary space like two wheelers which are now getting expensive says Quantum Advisors' Nilesh Shetty. He tells Reema Tendulkar and Hormaz Fatakia that it is the wrong time to enter the metal space as prices are surging.

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  • Business Standard
    Investors betting on longer-duration debt funds need to be patient

    From a low of 7.01 per cent on March 11, the benchmark 10-year government security (G-Sec) yield rose to 7.19 per cent on April 16. Investors who have bet on longer-duration debt funds hoping for mark-to-market (MTM) gains are anxious today.

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  • CNBC TV 18
    Let's Talk Money | The Gold Rush: Should You Invest After Strong Rally In 2024?

    Gold prices have surged over 15% in 2024 as uncertainties mount over issues including geo politics and the US Fed’s rate trajectory. Is this the right time to invest in gold? And if so, what are the options ?

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  • Businessworld
    How ISec Minority Shareholders May Lose Rs 1776 Cr In Merger Deal

    Quantum MF says, ISec deal is flawed, based on 9-month-old valuation reports, Rs 17.8 Billion ISec shareholder money being transferred to ICICI Bank shareholders, fraud in voting, ISec independent directors conflicted

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