Total SIP Amount Invested:

Total Growth:

Total Future Value:

*assumes investments are made at the beginning of the month

Duration (Month)SIP Amount (RS)Future Value(RS)
1 Month25,00025,250
2 Month25,00050,752
3 Month25,00076,510
4 Month25,000102,525
5 Month25,000128,800
6 Month25,000155,338
7 Month25,000182,142
8 Month25,000209,213
9 Month25,00076,510
10 Month25,000264,171
Duration (Month)SIP Amount (RS)Future Value(RS)
1 Month25,00025,250
2 Month25,00050,752
3 Month25,00076,510
4 Month25,000102,525
5 Month25,000128,800
6 Month25,000155,338
7 Month25,000182,142
8 Month25,000209,213
9 Month25,000236,555
10 Month25,000264,171
11 Month25,000292,063
12 Month25,000320,233
13 Month25,000348,686
14 Month25,000377,422
15 Month25,000406,447
16 Month25,000435,761
17 Month25,000465,369
18 Month25,000495,272
19 Month25,000525,475
20 Month25,000555,980
21 Month25,000586,790
22 Month25,000617,908
23 Month25,000649,337
24 Month25,000681,080
25 Month25,000713,141
26 Month25,000745,522
27 Month25,000778,227
28 Month25,000811,260
29 Month25,000844,622
30 Month25,000878,319
31 Month25,000912,352
32 Month25,000946,725
33 Month25,000981,442
34 Month25,0001,016,507
35 Month25,0001,051,922
36 Month25,0001,087,691
37 Month25,0001,123,818
38 Month25,0001,160,306
39 Month25,0001,197,159
40 Month25,0001,234,381
41 Month25,0001,271,975
42 Month25,0001,309,944
43 Month25,0001,348,294
44 Month25,0001,387,027
45 Month25,0001,426,147
46 Month25,0001,465,659
47 Month25,0001,505,565
48 Month25,0001,545,871
49 Month25,0001,586,580
50 Month25,0001,627,695
51 Month25,0001,669,222
52 Month25,0001,711,165
53 Month25,0001,753,526
54 Month25,0001,796,311
55 Month25,0001,839,525
56 Month25,0001,883,170
57 Month25,0001,927,251
58 Month25,0001,971,774
59 Month25,0002,016,742
60 Month25,0002,062,159
61 Month25,0002,108,031
62 Month25,0002,154,361
63 Month25,0002,201,155
64 Month25,0002,248,416
65 Month25,0002,296,150
66 Month25,0002,344,362
67 Month25,0002,393,056
68 Month25,0002,442,236
69 Month25,0002,491,908
70 Month25,0002,542,078
71 Month25,0002,592,748
72 Month25,0002,643,926
73 Month25,0002,695,615
74 Month25,0002,747,821
75 Month25,0002,800,549
76 Month25,0002,853,805
77 Month25,0002,907,593
78 Month25,0002,961,919
79 Month25,0003,016,788
80 Month25,0003,072,206
81 Month25,0003,128,178
82 Month25,0003,184,710
83 Month25,0003,241,807
84 Month25,0003,299,475
85 Month25,0003,357,720
86 Month25,0003,416,547
87 Month25,0003,475,962
88 Month25,0003,535,972
89 Month25,0003,596,582
90 Month25,0003,657,798
91 Month25,0003,719,625
92 Month25,0003,782,072
93 Month25,0003,845,142
94 Month25,0003,908,844
95 Month25,0003,973,182
96 Month25,0004,038,164
97 Month25,0004,103,796
98 Month25,0004,170,084
99 Month25,0004,237,035
100 Month25,0004,304,655
101 Month25,0004,372,951
102 Month25,0004,441,931
103 Month25,0004,511,600
104 Month25,0004,581,966
105 Month25,0004,653,036
106 Month25,0004,724,816
107 Month25,0004,797,314
108 Month25,0004,870,538
109 Month25,0004,944,493
110 Month25,0005,019,188
111 Month25,0005,094,630
112 Month25,0005,170,826
113 Month25,0005,247,784
114 Month25,0005,325,512
115 Month25,0005,404,017
116 Month25,0005,483,308
117 Month25,0005,563,391
118 Month25,0005,644,274
119 Month25,0005,725,967
120 Month25,0005,808,477

SIP Calculator

What is an SIP Calculator?

An SIP calculator is a useful online tool that will help you calculate your returns on your SIP investment based on projected rates of return and future evaluation of investment after a given period of time. There are many SIP mutual fund calculators available online that you can use for this purpose.

Using an SIP calculator online to determine your returns is always a good idea since it will help you decide on the right mutual fund investment while chalking out a strategy for achieving future financial goals as well. Do keep in mind, though, that an SIP calculator will only be able to estimate your returns. Actual returns depend on several factors, including market movements and fluctuations, tenure, fund performance, etc.

How do SIP Calculators essentially work?

The modus operandi of an SIP calculator is not hard to grasp. Primarily, it gives you an overview of how your investment will grow over a given period of the holding on a certain rate of return and contribution. With an online SIP calculator, you can also factor in the effects of inflation. An SIP return calculator basically works with the help of a simple formula. This is outlined below-

M = P × ({[1 + i]n – 1} / i) × (1 + i)

For the SIP mutual fund calculator, the key variables are the following in this formula-

  • M- The amount received by an investor at the time of maturity.
  • P- The amount that is invested at periodic intervals by the investor.
  • i- It is the rate of interest.
  • n-It is the total number of payments made by the investor.

You can use any basic example to understand the functioning of an SIP calculator online. Suppose you wish to invest Rs. 1,250 each month for a year (Rs. 15,000) with a periodic returns that stands at 8%. In this case, your monthly return rates will be 8%
The total return for a year at 8% will be Rs. 15,666 as a result.

How does a SIP Calculator benefit you?

There are many advantages of using an SIP calculator, as you will find out. Some of them are listed here for your perusal.

  • Helps you finalize your investment amount- By using the SIP calculator for various permutations and combinations, you can understand more about the amount you can invest to achieve a certain financial goal.
  • Get a clearer picture of your returns- While mutual fund investments are always subject to market risks and cannot be accurately figured out, your SIP return calculator will at least give you a basic idea of your returns. You can get results instantly upon using the same.
  • User-friendly calculation option- You do not have to crunch complicated formulas using an SIP calculator. All you need to do is enter some basic details to get the results online. This user-friendly nature of the calculator makes it accessible and useful for everyone. It is free of charge and can be used an unlimited number of times.
  • Aids you in making informed decisions - A SIP calculator helps you estimate and plan your investments in terms of how much you need to save towards your investment goals.

With the help of an online SIP calculator, you can make more informed decisions regarding your future investments. You can estimate the savings required to achieve specific objectives and allocate your investments accordingly. This is one of the biggest advantages of using these calculators online.

Frequently Asked Questions about SIP Calculator

What is the maximum time limit for an SIP?

The average tenure of a SIP is 5-10 years. However, you can keep renewing your SIP depending on the fund's performance, thereby extending its duration.

What is the maximum investment in an SIP?

There is no maximum investment limit for an SIP. The minimum investment amount is around Rs. 500 each month.

Can a SIP be renewed?

A SIP can be renewed at the end of its tenure. Your AMC may also send a reminder for the renewal of your plan. Depending on your investment tenure, you can decide on renewing the SIP accordingly.

Can a SIP amount be reduced?

Yes, an easy way to reduce the monthly SIP amount is by discontinuing all/a few of them and re-starting a new one with a lowered amount per your choice.

How do I cancel my SIP subscription?

There are 2 ways to cancel your SIP. If you have started your SIP online, the online cancel SIP option is available for any upcoming transactions. In case of an offline SIP, then you will have to visit the branch concerned or take the assistance of a relationship manager to initiate the SIP cancellation.

Is there a specific date we must choose to start a SIP?

Contrary to popular belief that the choice of SIP date matters a lot in terms of returns, it is hereby clarified that there is no right day or date to start a SIP. Still, the start of the month is a good time to start an SIP to coincide with those who receive a monthly salary. All that matters is a date of your choice and convenience when you would like to choose for auto debit from your bank account.

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