• Navigating the Market Rally: Strategies for Equity Investing.

    Date: 30th June, 2023

    Speaker/s : George Thomas,  Chirag Mehta

    Description : Discover winning strategies to thrive in the market rally! Learn how to navigate equity investing with expert insights and stay ahead. Don't miss out! Watch NOW.

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  • Riding the Big Wave - How to Build a Winning Investment Portfolio for India's Economic Boom

    Date: 26th May, 2023

    Speaker/s : Christy Mathai,  Pankaj Pathak

    Description : Did you miss tuning into our exclusive #webinar on “Riding The Big Wave” & creating an impactful portfolio? Hosted by our Fund Managers.

    Watch the video to know more!

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  • Are Market Dynamics Supporting Value Investing?

    Date: 12th April, 2023

    Speaker/s : Christy Mathai

    Description : In this video, we explore whether the current market dynamics are favorable for value investing, a long-term investment strategy that seeks to identify undervalued stocks and hold them until their true value is realized. We discuss the factors that influence market dynamics and how they impact the performance of value investing.

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  • Webinar - How is India Placed Amidst Global Uncertainty?

    Date: 23rd September, 2022

    Speaker/s : Ghazal Jain,  George Thomas

    Description : In this webinar, our Fund Managers Ghazal Jain and George Thomas discussed how is India placed amidst Global Uncertainty.

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