• Mega Webinar: Equity Markets Poised For Growth - Is Your Portfolio?

    Date & Time : 22nd July, 2022 (06:00 PM)

    • Speaker : Chirag Mehta

    • Speaker : Hitendra Parekh

    Description :

    In our mega webinar, our Fund Manager Hitendra Parekh and CIO Chirag Mehta discussed how you can ride the India growth story with ease. They talked about Quantum’s one-stop-shop solution to diversity your investments with a passive strategy.

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  • Overcome Short Term Downside Risk with a Long Term Portfolio

    Date & Time : 27th May, 2022 (06:00 PM)

    • Speaker : Ghazal Jain

    • Speaker : Pankaj Pathak

    • Speaker : Chirag Mehta

    • Speaker : Sorbh Gupta

    Description : Watch our mega webinar to know how to Overcome Short Term Downside Risk with a Long Term Portfolio. 

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  • What Next for Equity & Building a Resilient Portfolio

    Date & Time : 13th May, 2022 (06:00 PM)

    Speaker : George Thomas

    Description : Watch George Thomas & Sorbh Gupta, share in-depth insights on the equity market, and what can be expected from Indian equities.

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  • ELSS Your Tax Saver & Wealth Creator

    Date & Time : 25th February, 2022 (12:00 AM)

    Speaker : Sorbh Gupta

    Description : Watch Mr. Sorbh Gupta, Fund Manager – Equities, discuss the following topics. • How can you invest to save tax and achieve your financial goals? • Why does ELSS have an edge over other tax saving instruments? • What factors should you consider when choosing an ELSS fund?...

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