• Riding the Bull: Risk Management in Richly Valued Markets

    Date: 17th May, 2024

    Speaker/s : George Thomas

    Description :

    Introducing our monthly webinar series tailored to enhance investor learning in investments and financial planning.

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  • Small Caps, Big Opportunities: Navigating Obstacles

    Date: 19th April, 2024

    Speaker/s : Abhilasha Satale,  Chirag Mehta

    Description :

    Small cap investments offer tremendous growth potential, but they also come with their fair share of challenges...

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  • Navigating Markets in 2024: Fund Managers' Year-End Perspective

    Date: 06th December, 2023

    Speaker/s : Ghazal Jain,  George Thomas,  Pankaj Pathak,  Chirag Mehta

    Description : Watch this mega webinar with our team of investment experts, where they decode the trends, unveil strategies, and chart the course for financial success.

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  • Navigating Small-Cap Success: Market Insights & Strategies.

    Date: 16th October, 2023

    Speaker/s : Ajit Dayal,  Chirag Mehta

    Description : Given the flows small-cap funds have seen over the last year, the speakers share valuable insights into the growing opportunities in the Small Cap investing landscape & how to overcome the challenges. 

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