Saving buckets of water...and loads of money

Posted On Wednesday, Sep 16, 2009

While politicians are busy leaving less carbon footprint from their self-imposed measures of travelling economy class on planes and on trains, there is another austerity drive which is not reported in the press.

Every hotel that I stay in always has these wonderful stickers of how we should save water. And, being the wonderfully aware global citizen, the hotel goes on to make me feel guilty with some pretty hairy statistics.

"Did you know", teases the hotel sticker, "that you can waste half a bucket of water if you leave the water running while you brush your teeth?"

"It will take two buckets of water to wash your towel", warns another sticker, "so please hang it up on the rod and it will not be washed."

Obediently, I hang the towel on the rod.

And when I am back in the room later in the evening, the towel is gone and a fresh towel awaits me.
For all its austerity, the hotel companies forget to train their staff. Many of their staff probably cannot comprehend the importance of the messages in the stickers.

The politicians, meanwhile, need to book 3 rows of seats on a commercial airline for their security and entourage.
There is probably the added security cost of the entire plane and the bags being checked a few more times.

Is the austerity drive really a money saver?

Or is the hotel company really a globally aware citizen.
Or, for that matter, have you really understood the implications of how you save?
Is there a hole in your investment bucket?
Or does your act of saving comfort you?

"I save money, said the investor, "and I feel comfortable about it."
"Where do you save?" I asked.
"Oh, in ULIPs and mutual funds", he responded.

His proclamation was like the sticker on saving water.
Full of promise, but devoid of the full impact.

By the time, we discussed a few slides, he was no longer sure if he was investing - or allowing himself to be deprived of his hard-earned savings.

So we carry on with the Path to Profit journey - trying to simplify a world that has been made too complex.

The talks have been long.
They are scheduled for a little over an hour.
But Bangalore went on for over 4 hours.
Mysore went on for a little under 4 hours.

The questions keep coming - and I am happy to answer them.
I am losing my voice - but I would rather lose my voice than you lose your money J

Many financial companies have made a business of your confusion as they bombard you with their jargon and complex language.
The blow up in the financial world was because the creators of the instruments themselves had no idea what they themselves were creating. And, if a few did, they
kept quiet - because of the money they earned in the process.

Come; hear what we have to say as we continue our Path to Profit journey in South India.
And ask your questions.

I am available to answer any question you may have - including how we can save buckets of water without drowning your savings in financial products that may not really be suited for you.

Table 1: Let's plug the leaks.

19 Sep, 2009MaduraiHotel Madurai Residency
Board Room - 15,
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T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017.
Phone : 044-2815 8833,
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