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For a Better Tomorrow, Follow the 24-80-20 Rule Today

Monday, Sep 07, 2020

As we all gradually come out of this Pandemic phase, we are finally hoping for life to get back to normal.

The past few months have changed the dynamics of our lives.

Along with personal revelations, the spread of the Pandemic has also taught us some very hard yet important financial lessons.

Let this crisis serve as a sign to always be financially prepared.

Today we offer some honest views.

Asset allocation plan that will not just help you sail through the financial crisis, but will empower you to build wealth.

Our founder, Ajit Dayal has shared his interesting asset allocation plan in one of our recent webinars.

He simply calls it '24-80-20'.

The 24-80-20 rule is his secret to a successful, stress-free lifestyle even as the world is crumbling around you.

Let us understand what these numbers '24-80-20' mean to you.

The Emergency No. 24

For any financial planning, to begin with, the first step is to create an emergency fund or a contingency fund as some of you may call it.

This is the foundation of your wealth creation journey.

Have enough money in your bank account or your liquid fund (that you have chosen wisely & that prioritizes the safety and liquidity over returns).

'Enough money'?

How much exactly would you ask?

Ajit's answer is monthly expenses for 24 months. That's 24 for you.

Sure, 24 is on a higher side. It's ideal.

But to begin with, you can keep expenses worth 6 -12 months as your emergency fund and keep building it gradually.

These expenses will take care of your household expenditure, help you pay off your utility bills etc.

What this money does for you?

It not only helps you during difficult times.

It does much more for you. It keeps you financially secure (and mentally too!) knowing you have surplus money kept away, which can suffice you for a while, in case you face any sort of emergency/crisis.

When you know consciously that you are financially protected, you are in a better position to deal with your life. You feel liberated.

It instils confidence to overcome any financial crisis. No matter what income bracket you fall into.

It also helps you inculcate a 'saver's mindset', rather than just spending cash frivolously.

A better tomorrow with 80-20

Post Covid impact, we are not sure when life again may ask us to face yet another crisis.

We don't know what is in store for us in the coming future.

But we do know what we want in this coming future.

The beauty of a human life is that, nothing can turn down our hopes and dreams. No crisis what so ever.

We will keep dreaming for our next holiday...whenever it is possible.

Our finances would have taken a jolt in the recent past but our financial goals haven't really changed.

This is where you need to focus on 80-20.

a)  80% of your money in an equity oriented mutual fund

b)  20% in gold mutual fund

It's that simple. It's all that you need.

Once you have you emergency fund kept aside, all you have to do is invest 80% of your money in equity oriented mutual funds (considering your long term financial goals).

This money will aim for achieving all your long term financial goals.

Your equity portfolio could be made of around 2 - 3 equity funds.

Remember, investing in too many funds could clutter your portfolio and dampen your potential returns.

The remaining 20% could be in gold. Gold is a universal diversifier and recently has also proved its potential to generate wealth especially during crisis situations.

We believe this strategy towards asset allocation makes investing easy and hassle free.

It will take care of your today. It will care of your tomorrow.

It worked for Ajit, it could work for you also.

At Quantum we always want you to live a stress free life and meet all your financial goals.

Together, let's make it happen....for a better tomorrow. 😊

Editor's Note: If you wish to further understand this 24-80-20 asset allocation plan, please feel free to write to us at [email protected] Or give us a missed call at +91-22-68293807 and we will call you back.

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