Stay Ahead of Inflation During These Uncertain Times

Posted On Wednesday, Apr 13, 2022


Inflation has been slowly but steadily eating into the savings of investors. Inflation is when prices keep rising and you pay more for the same products and services over a period. Inflation can also directly erode the value of your investments reducing their real returns. It tends to be more pronounced on traditional investments such as fixed deposits. Judging by the scale of increase in commodity prices in March at multi-year highs and the prolonged Russia-Ukraine crisis, RBI had to revise its CPI inflation for 2022-23 to 5.7% up from the 4.5 % projection made in the February policy. RBI has also slashed the growth forecast to 7.2% from 7.8%.

Let’s understand what this means for investors.

How inflation eats into your returns?

When looking at a typical consumption basket, the prices have grown at an average rate of 10.1% p.a. since 1990. Thus, if you were to see the real return across asset classes, it would be much lesser.

Inflation eats into your returns

AssetsNominal ReturnsReal Return
Bank deposits5.80%-4.30%
Price of Gold / 10 grams9.10%-1.00%
BSE Sensex13.91%3.81%

The Consumption basket data is derived from Private Final consumption Expenditure data from CMIE using components that make a typical consumption basket and how average spending on such consumption basket has increased over time. 2021 Estimates of the consumption basket spending is derived using long term average over the 2020 data, Given that 2020-21 were pandemic period, the actual data will be different from those of estimates but that would probably normalize going forward and hence we have used long term averages for calculation purpose.
Past performance may or may not sustained in future.
Quarterly compounding and Tax rate on Fixed Deposit assumed to be 30%
Before we understand the ways to cope, let’s understand the impact across asset classes

Equity, Debt & Gold

What are the ways to reduce the impact of inflation on your portfolio?

1. Set realistic goals: Inflation affects your savings and returns. To be better prepared for the future, make sure your goals are aligned to inflation.

2. Seek Value: Amid potential interest rate hikes and rising crude oil prices, value investing might gain over growth investing style. Companies with high valuations might be more sensitive to the increases in the cost of capital than a reasonably valued portfolio. Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund have been adding cyclicals such as telecom, power, pharma, banks and metals at reasonable valuations and is positioned for broad-based economic growth.

3. Build an Equity Mix: The effect of inflation may not be consistent across all listed companies. While some companies could face higher margin pressures, others could gain. Thus, a diversified portfolio of different market cap and styles could be geared for better downside protection to fend off high commodity prices.

You could make use of Quantum’s Diversified Equity basket of 70-15-15 within the 12-20-80 asset allocation strategy to build your exposure to Quantum Equity Fund of Funds, Quantum India ESG Equity Fund along with Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund.

4. Go short term with Liquid Funds: The best way to shield your fixed income portfolio is to consider funds with shorter portfolio maturity such as Quantum Liquid Fund scheme. In addition to benefiting from the rate hiking cycle, these funds also qualify as a source of emergency funds due to low interest rate and credit risks.

5. Boost gold to complement portfolio: Irrespective of the imminent interest rate hikes, gold generally has an inverse relationship with equity mutual funds and this warrants an allocation to invest in Gold for its strategic value. You could invest up to 20% of your portfolio to efficient forms such as Quantum Gold Fund ETF or Quantum Gold Savings Fund.

The start of the financial year is a good opportunity to relook at your investment goals and see whether your investments are geared to address the rising inflation and offer you a real rate of return.

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Quantum Equity Fund of Funds
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Moderate (Class II)   
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Above article is authored by Quantum.

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