Star Teams Surpass Star Players

Posted On Friday, Jul 13, 2018


If you would have asked a month back to any Indian, which team do you support when it comes to the football world cup and 90% of the time you would have got the following answers – Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain. Some would have also answered Portugal, when asked why again there is the usual answer – Cristiano Ronaldo.

Yet none of the Countries mentioned above were in the semifinals! Big names like Messi (Argentina), Ronaldo (Portugal), Neymar (Brazil) are all out of the World Cup. There is a lesson in there somewhere. The lesson is that football is a team sport, no matter how great the player or how prolific the striker, it is the team around him that dictates success or failure. Again, the importance of a team and playing together as a unit cannot be understated.

Look at the 4 teams that played against each other. France, Belgium, England and Croatia. Football aficionados must have of course recognized star players in each of these teams, but for an average Indian like me who gets mixed up between Modric, Rakitic and Perisic. Again the message here is that in a team sport – playing as a team, around the core strengths of that team is the key to success. A team will always be bigger than one player, that is the idea of a team that many individuals – together – leverage upon each other’s strengths while nullifying weaknesses.

This is what we follow at Quantum too. The star fund manager concept is consciously avoided here. Our Fund Managers are supported by a team of research analysts and there is a strong, team-led research process and a portfolio construction process. We believe in the long run, five fingers working together leads to a far better outcome than what the hand can achieve with just one finger!

So while Sunday will tell us which team’s dream of holding that golden trophy comes true - France or Croatia?!?!?! With a team of less than 10 people in 2006, Quantum had dreamt of changing the mutual fund industry – trying, in our own small way, to make it more honest and more transparent for investors. We founded a mutual fund based on that dream, a fund house that will work for its investors and focus only on helping complete its investors’ financial goals. Even today, after 12 years of relentless drive, we remain committed to helping investors achieve their financial goals. Nothing will ever deviate us from our focus to create wealth over long term by adopting a simple philosophy of ‘doing what is right’.

Disclaimer, Statutory Details & Risk Factors:

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Above article is authored by Quantum.

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