NSPA, a nonprofit organization that brings art to the people

Posted On Friday, Jul 05, 2013


Lets pause and examine our schedules for the week-days – wake up, run to work after a hurried breakfast, work, run home, dine and sleep. That’s our life from Monday to Friday, pressures, timeline crunches, kids exams, our stress levels (unlike the Rupee vis-à-vis the US Dollar) do not seem to fall.

Now imagine you are running to catch a train to get home from a long day at work and from somewhere you hear a great tune being played, more often than not you may stand and listen to the song and you feel the tension draining out of you. That is the aim with which NSPA (National Streets for Performing Arts) was established, to revive the culture of public performances and support the livelihoods of artists – and to give us a reason to stop at a busy railway station and spend some minutes listening to music that touches our soul.

NSPA has been founded by Mr. Ajit Dayal and has been initiated under the aegis of HelpYourNGO.com India Private Limited.

NSPA made a discreet musical debut on the streets of Mumbai in 2012 but almost instantly found the reassuring warmth of approving commuters, pedestrians and larger public in general. NSPA performs across stations in the Western and Central Line of the railways in Mumbai, at public places like the Horiman Circle and Phoenix mills and at concerts and events like the Kala Ghoda festival and BMW Guggenheim event.

Quantum AMC takes great pride in sponsoring NSPA and helping them in their noble endeavour of taking art to the people.

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