Quantum Mutual Fund - Drop Box Facility in Mumbai

Posted On Friday, Jan 25, 2013


Mumbai, we are now one step closer to you!

At Quantum, we have always believed in doing what’s best for our investors and we strive to innovate in order to improve our investor’s interaction with us.

As a part of this endeavour we have tied up with various agencies to get that much closer to our investors in Mumbai through our Drop Box facility.

As an investor in Quantum Mutual Fund you can now submit your purchase application at select railway stations, airports, even at your nearest general store or chemist!

We have joined hands with Yes Bank to provide Quantum branded drop boxes at various Yes Bank ATM’s across the city. A partnership with the local Vichare Couriers has ensured that we are as close to you as possible, with a Quantum branded drop box present across their offices and official points of acceptance. Thus we are present in more than a 100 locations across the city of Mumbai. This facility is to be extended in more cities soon.

View the location of the Quantum drop box closest to you.

Please note that only purchase transactions (fresh or additional purchases) can be submitted at the drop box.

Read FAQ’s on Drop box facility.

So no matter where in Mumbai you are – at home, or at work or travelling, you are never far from a Quantum drop box!!

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Above article is authored by Quantum.

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