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Posted On Sunday, Jan 01, 1950

Fund Managers Atul Kumar and Chirag Mehta share their experience in Kolkata on the Path to Profit

For Fund Managers,Atul Kumar and Chirag Mehta, Kolkata was "one of the most vibrant audiences" that they had encountered on the Path to Profit, since its launch in September 2009.

"Since this was our first visit to Kolkata, we had every reason to look forward to this meet," says Atul, asserting that the city was an important centre to be present at."We were eager to understand what our investors here thought about markets, investments and ofcourse Quantum." Atul reveals.

Kolkata, which is a major commercial hub was 'Path to Profit's' first stop in East India. "Wherever the Path to Profit has gone so far, we have received varied questions across asset classes. However, in Kolkata we observed that our audience here was singularly focused on equities and the long term. And this indicated an evolved investing group which is aware of the potential of Indian stock markets and is also equally aware of the risks associated with it," Chirag recalls.

The fund managers were very inspired by the interactions which carried on for a little more than 3 hours. Absolutely thrilled by this short but eventful trip, Atul claims that Kolkata would surely be seeing more of Quantum soon. "We're sure to come back here again. However, this time we would also like to spend some time with individual investors around the city," he adds.

The enthusiasm of Kolkata was evident right through the registration process, which brought in a host of questions like - What is the future of Indian capital markets? Is SIP a good option, or is it overrated? Are direct equities better than mutual funds? How many mutual fund schemes should you invest in? What can be expected from the Budget 2012?

Convinced that investors in Kolkata are very in tune with the approach that Quantum has as a fund house, Chirag promises to pay a second visit to the city."Kolkata was definitely a memorable experience!"

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