Are you married… to your financial plan?

Posted On Thursday, Jan 15, 2015

With the onset of marriage season, suddenly you might be flooded with marriage invites. May be your mom’s aunt’s daughter is getting married, or your school teacher would have invited you for her son’s wedding, or your brother’s best friend is getting married and the list goes on.

While we hope a blissful wedded life for all the young couples getting married, it reminds us of the famous superhero dialogue ‘with great powers, comes great responsibilities’. Powers?? Well, they certainly have the power over each other ☺(Yes, you could assume we are kidding!). However on a serious note marriage does bring a host of responsibilities that could easily last a lifetime. This makes financial planning very crucial for them.

After a point of time as these responsibilities encroach near, and you are left with no time to plan or spend, it is only then you regret for not planning. Therefore why not start planning for your financial plan.

If you are just married:
May be this might just be the reality pinch you are not ready for, but trust us the sooner you understand the importance of financial planning the happier your married life could turn out to be. Financially secured couples tend to have a healthy relationship.

Influenced by the western culture, today’s generation believes they can get anything and everything they wanted by conveniently relying on loans or credit cards. What if we tell you that prudent planning can help you avoid these means to fulfill your financial goals. By prudent planning we mean your own wealth invested properly. A cushion of assets created during the early earning years can be a huge confidence booster while taking up the responsibilities associated with marriage. Life and health Insurance policies should be given importance. Invest in equity but do not ignore debt and gold schemes.

Key goals could be:

1. Saving for a house
2. Saving for a vehicle
3. Planning for retirement

This chart is meant for indicative / illustrative purposes only.

If you are married with a child:
This phase can be tougher to face. On one hand you have your children who are growing up and waiting to take a leap towards the next stages of their lives and on the other hand you have your own future to take care of. Marriages and providing houses for children, etc. can become a great challenge in case you have not planned for it, effectively. If investments in growth assets like shares and real estate are started early in life, and maintained, it would help ensure that the children enjoy the same life style as you did, when they set up their independent families.

Key goals could be:
• Child’s schooling and higher education
• Saving for retirement

This chart is meant for indicative / illustrative purposes only.

Moreover one must understand that no matter what the age of the individual is asset allocation will also depend on the risk bearing ability of an individual.

Our objective of this article is to help you plan your financial future so that you and your loved ones lead a secure life. We also suggest you to consult your financial advisor before making any investment related decisions.

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