A Thali of Mutual Funds!

Posted On Monday, Jun 30, 2014

We hanker for choices, but when too many choices are presented, it actually becomes a challenge to choose!
Thali of Mutual Funds Simple choices such as choosing a restaurant to celebrate an occasion to even more “simpler” choices of “what to order” sometimes pose a challenge. After the recent “Path to Profit” conference in Chennai, where I interacted with a lively set of investors, I went out to a well deserved dinner. I was at a restaurant run by the ISHA foundation. The place was well located in a very colonial style bungalow. It was cosy and dimly lit, very tastefully decorated with some antique furniture around.

The food menu looked interesting, and the juice menu even more so. However the question in my mind was what to order. Finally I made the decision to go in for a Thali, and when the plate arrived I was thrilled with my decision. The food not only looked great but also was sumptuous and the proportion was perfect. Proportions are so important in whatever we do, and a thali is an answer to my question on “what to order” and a more important question of “how much to order”.

I was pondering over this when it hit – a true Eureka moment! This is what I was trying to answer when replying to questions on which asset classes to invest in and finally what proportion to invest in. Is there a “Thali” in the investment world? Does Quantum have one fund which can cater to not only all the asset classes but also in their correct proportions?

Among the funds that we have the Quantum Multi Asset Fund* is truly like a THALI and all the other funds were like those items in an a la carte menu.

In an a la carte menu you can order just one or maybe two items as those items could be what will satisfy the hunger but might not be a balance diet. A thali on the other hand not only satisfies hunger but is a balance of variety of delicious food in the right quantity.

Proportion in investments, like in food is very important, too much of one dish is not only damaging to taste but also to the system. A thali provides variety and a little of each in the just the right portions.

Coming back to our world of investments, an equity or debt fund will give you the flavour of a particular product, but the Quantum Multi Asset Fund will give you the flavour of equity, debt and gold all in the right proportions.

A big proportion in Equities could give you greater returns but it could also expose you to greater risks. Similarly even Gold will have higher volatility with potential to give higher returns with higher risk. On the other hand if you invest in Liquid schemes which might have lower risk it might give you lower returns.

Therefore if you wish for a thali for your portfolio and are looking for a balanced risk and more stable returns then the Quantum Multi Asset Fund may be the answer for you, even on the post-tax basis.

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