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  • Subbu Answers Your Investment QueriesPosted On Tuesday, Apr 26, 2016
    How mutual funds investment differs from investing in equity. What are the advantages and disadvantages? more
  • Subbu Answers Investors` QueriesPosted On Wednesday, Mar 02, 2016
    Can I buy mutual fund units in my fiancé’s name and then gift it to her? Also, I have a few units of a mutual fund can I transfer them to her name? more
  • Subbu Answers Investors` QueriesPosted On Monday, Jan 18, 2016
    Where can a retiree invest the lifetime savings to help maintain his standard of living? more
  • Subbu`s SolutionsPosted On Monday, Nov 02, 2015
    Subbu Answers your Investment Queries more
  • Subbu Answers your Investment Queries Posted On Monday, Aug 10, 2015
    Could an AMC dupe investors’ money like some chit funds recently have? Are AMCs with higher AUM safer than those with smaller ones?... more
  • Subbu`s SolutionsPosted On Wednesday, May 20, 2015
    At your age generally we see young investors have a relatively higher risk taking capacity. As you are far from your retirement age you can keep large portion of your investable... more
  • Subbu`s SolutionsPosted On Monday, Apr 13, 2015
    Thank you, Mr Madhavan, for your acknowledgement. Quantum has always walked the right path and will always do what is for the best interest of our investors’ money... more
  • Subbu`s Solution Posted On Friday, Jan 23, 2015
    It’s great that you want to start investing at this early stage. Given your age and risk appetite you should look at equity investments... more
  • Subbu`s SolutionPosted On Monday, Jan 12, 2015
    I see you are more or less looking to diversify your investments, which is great. A proper diversification of your investments will help you make the most of your investments... more
  • Subbu`s SolutionsPosted On Monday, Dec 22, 2014
    SIP allows you to average out market volatility. Through SIP you invest a small amount on a regular basis, so when the market goes up you buy less units of the mutual fund... more
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