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Posted On Thursday, Sep 07, 2017

Recently two fund houses announced that, in order to adopt best practice in terms of reporting fund performance, their equity funds will henceforth compare funds’ performance to the Total Return Index (TRI) of the benchmark and not just the price return. While we are happy that more and more AMCs are keen to follow practices that are in the best interest of their investors, we take pride in the fact that we made the decision at inception of our flagship Quantum Long Term Equity Fund (QLTEF) in 2006 that we would use the S&P BSE 30 TRI as the benchmark.

The S&P BSE 30 TRI more accurately represents the returns from the S&P BSE 30 Sensex since it includes the dividends received from the underlying companies. Basically, if you had invested in each of the stocks in the same proportion as their weights in the index, at the end of most periods longer than a few months your return would actually be higher than just the price movements of the stocks, since you’ll have received a few dividend cheques in between. Our goal is to approximate the return you could have achieved, by just owning the stocks of a passive benchmark. It makes no sense to exclude the (sometimes hefty) dividends those companies pay out.

In theory, when a company pays a dividend, its stock price should decline by that amount. Let’s take a simple example and exclude taxation and the actual timing of events: say the market values a company at Rs. 1000. If tomorrow the company takes some of its cash to pay a 10 rupee dividend to you, then the market should value the stock at Rs. 990, because the company now has Rs 10 less in its bank account, and is therefore worth Rs. 10 less. But now you own stock worth Rs. 990 as well as Rs. 10 in cash (again, ignoring tax for this example), so your total return of owning has not been affected. However, your price return makes it seem like you’ve lost money, as the stock has gone from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 990. Make sense?

As there is no such thing as a negative dividend (well, not yet at least – maybe one day some conniving management team will try to get you to pay them for owning their stock!), the S&P BSE 30 TRI is by definition a more difficult benchmark to beat.

At Quantum, we believe aiming for a higher benchmark helps us be more dedicated to our fund management system. While it might make our job more difficult, it brings us closer to our aim: to serve you with the highest standards. Given a tougher benchmark, our processes have to be on the ball at all times.

When you’ve made investments in the past, you’ve likely been told to determine whether the fund is performing or non-performing. We would merely add that it’s also important to see what the fund’s benchmark is. Since inception, QLTEF has never changed its benchmark even once, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

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Quantum Long Term Equity Fund
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