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Look at Inflation & Interest Rates Before Returns on Investment (Part 2)

Posted On Wednesday, May 10, 2017

In our previous article, we wrote about inflation, interest rates and its impact on returns on investment.

Inflation and interest rates have a diverse impact on equity, debt and gold and the rate of return changes accordingly. All these 3 asset classes are impacted when inflation and interest rate changes.

Impact on Equity Funds-

Fund managers who manage an equity fund invest investor's money in stocks through stock markets. Though there are many factors responsible for the changes in the share prices, however interest rates play a vital role here. Interest rate changes as per the change in inflation rate. The rise in inflation pushes interest rate high and vice versa. Hence an unchecked rise in inflation is not positive news for stock price and therefore for equity funds. Here's how...

For example, manufacturing companies purchase raw materials to produce goods therefore rise in inflation pushes up costs for the company as the price of raw materials goes up. In that case if profit fails to grow in proportionate to the cost then bottom line (net profit) of the company decreases. Needless to say, stock price of the company is a mirror image of all these changes and tends to follow suit accordingly. Thus if for whatever reason the rise in cost cannot be passed in to the end customer, then profits fall, leading to a fall in share price.

Impact on Debt funds-

The returns from debt mutual funds are influenced most by interest rates and other factors like currency fluctuations, inflation rates, and the current account deficit of the government. Debt mutual funds invest in fixed income securities issued by the government and businesses. The prices of fixed income securities are governed by interest rates prevailing in the market. If interest rates increase then prices of fixed income securities decreases and vice-versa. A drop in interest rates will create more demand for existing bonds and increases the bond price and vice versa.

Impact on Gold funds-

Gold is a store of wealth. In a country like India, decision of investment in gold is an outcome of tradition, and not that deeply linked to the market driven factors and rationality. Investors buy gold only because other investments are not attractive. Generally, hike in interest rate or any negative news from any other asset class results in rise in investment for gold. Apart from the national economic and political scenario, gold price follows global economic, financial and political events. Indeed, it's not only inflation and interest rates but global economy; changes in the currency rates, political decisions (change in the export-imports quota) that have a deep impact on gold prices.

Understanding return on investment is not the ultimate goal. You should know the real rate of return. In a nutshell, you should minus return on investment from the current inflation rate to get a real return on investment. This would be the subject for our upcoming article.

Apart from inflation and interest rates, there are many factors which have an impact on return on investments, however, these two are major factors. Rise in interest rate is not a positive news for both equity and debt fund investors.

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