Why Quantum is Right for You?

Rely on a fund house that has a proven track record of delivering predictable outcomes based on its estimated upside potential. Know More

Use our 13 simple products as building blocks to help you fulfill your every financial goal. Diversify your portfolio with our Simple 12|20:80 Asset Allocation Strategy.

For three decades now,the cornerstone of our investment philosopy is and has always been transparency and integrity. Read Our Charter of Investor Rights

Our online platform provides access to everything you need to make wealth creation easy. Learn, Plan and Invest all in a few clicks. Invest Online

Our tried and tested research oriented process gives our investors a channel to get risk adjusted returns that outperform the market in the long term. How We Invest

Our focus is on You, our thoughtful investor, and we always have and will put your needs and goals first.

We are an organization of many firsts in India, where others have followed. Our Milestones

Quantum’s Milestones

Quantum′s journey has been one of many firsts in the country as we continue to strive to offer simple solutions to meet your financial needs

4Ps for Choosing a “Good” Fund

When selecting a fund, look beyond brand name or short-term performance, evaluate the 4 Ps

  • What is the background?
  • What is the experience?
  • Is there a clearly defined investment philosophy across all market situations or is this an opportunistic collect AuM and ride-the-wave, “sell-what-is-hot” manager?
  • What is the research and investment process and how reliable is it?
Predictability of Performance
Predictability of Performance
  • Given the process, is the performance as predictable as it should be?

Our Team

Team Work makes the Dream Work

Our Culture

An organization’s culture is defined by its people and lays the foundation on which the growth story is built.

During the pandemic, while everyone was working from home, we did an exercise to gauge what our employees thought Quantum stands for (and what it doesn’t). The views of every employee was compiled into a book, “The Spirit of Quantum”.

This book is the Soul of Quantum speaking to you, the raw voices of 234 people driven by the core principles of transparency, integrity, honesty and most importantly always staying true to our customers.

Download “The Spirit of Quantum”

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