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Our investment philosophy is quintessentially long-term, rooted in finding simple and effective investment solutions to help you fulfil every financial need. Right from our inception in 2006 with the Quantum Long Term Equity Fund, through a direct-to-customer platform, our pursuit has been to make investment affordable, easy-to-understand and transparent. In the three decades we have served you, we have remained true to our core values of simplicity, honesty, and integrity even as we have time and again re-invented ourselves to provide you with the best investment solutions.

The Treasure Hunt

Our Investment Process

At the very outset, we understand the nature of the business and the environment and the dynamics of the industry. We then assess the management, understanding its processes, operations and long-term goals.

At this stage, we deploy our tried and tested research mechanism to analyse the stock price of the company, juxtaposed against the sector, its historical performance and overall market trends.

For a stock to make an entry into our portfolio, its current market price should be at 40% or less than our estimate of its long-term value.

Knowing When to Let Go - Portfolio reassessment is a part of the fund management process. Thus, with key research processes at work always, we may decide to exit a stock either partially or completely. We can do so under circumstances when the market price exceeds our estimate of the long-term value or when there is a change in our view of the management or the business itself.

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