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Building a Weather-Proof Portfolio –
With 12:20:80# Asset Allocation

In the interest of doing what’s best for you, Quantum has been meticulously adding funds over the years across the asset classes of Equity, Debt and Gold to create a one stop shop for all your needs. Each fund that Quantum has launched forms a building block in our well thought-out and time-tested 12-20-80 Asset Allocation strategy. There are three crucial building blocks within this strategy with underlying assets in Equity, Debt and Gold which helps you achieve your long-term goals and ride the market swings with peace of mind.

Safety Block

Set aside 12 months of your expenses in liquid fund to take care of emergencies.

Diversifying Block

Invest 20% of your investable surplus into gold, that generally has an inverse correlation with equity.

Growth Block

Allocate the balance 80% of your investable surplus in a diversified equity portfolio.

The Three Building Blocks for a Secure Tomorrow

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