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The Quantum Philosophy

The Quantum vision is To stay focused on the needs of our investors and be India’s most respected mutual fund house by adhering to traditional values of simplicity, transparency and integrity while continuing to deliver steady performance over the long term... the keyword to takeaway from this statement is the word respected. Not the largest in terms of AuM but the most respected, by doing what's right for the investor and not deviating from our core investment philosophy. We are India's first direct to investor fund house and do not pay any commissions whatsoever till there is more transparency in the distribution system.

Quantum Mutual Fund has always firmly adhered to its values and will continue to stay true to our philosophies on investments and commissions, which are explained below.
  • No Shooting from the Hip
    Our tried and tested Research and Investment process gives clients with a long-term investment philosophy a channel that outperforms on the Upside and limits the Downside
    Investment Process

    Investment Process

    Our Investment Criteria - Value
    • the business of the company,
    • the environment in which it operates,
    • the management, and their long-term goals,
    • can the financials support the long-term goals?
    Analyze :
    • the stock price based on fundamentals relative to its peer group, its history, and the market.
    • PER, PCF, P/BV, Div Yld, EV/EBITDA
    • Current price is 40% < our estimate of long-term value
    • Current price is > our estimate of long-term value
    • Changed view of management
    • Changed view of business
    Portfolio Construction
    • Stock has to be under active coverage, average daily trading volume of US$ 1 million
    • Strict adherence to Buy / Sell limits.
    • We are indifferent to whether a stock we own is in the BSE-200 Index or not.
    • We do not make sector calls. We make stock calls that lead to certain sector weights.
    • The minimum holding in any one stock is 2% and the maximum is 6%.
    • With a range of 25 to 40 stocks our average holding is 2.5% to 4.0% per stock

  • No Commissions
    A penny saved, as the saying goes, is a penny earned.

    We spend too much of our time trying to see how we can earn more money. Sometimes we will change jobs because we are paid 10% more – even if we don’t really like the new place of work.

    But how much time do we spend on increasing our savings by spending less?

    If you like drinking those fizzy colas on a hot summer day and gulp down an ice-cream on a regular daily basis – there is an opportunity to save money there, too.

    If you spend Rs. 30 every day less on a fizzy cola, an ice cream, or a cup of coffee at your local café, it adds up to a lot.

    That Rs 30 every day adds up to Rs 900 a month.
    Which is Rs 10,950 every year.
    And this works out to Rs. 273,750 over 25 years.
    That is just the saving if you put that Rs 30 into the piggy bank that your grandparents gave you when you were young.
    The Rs 30 you save every day can add up to a lot if invested in the stock markets.

    A Small Saving, a Modest Fortune

    What you save every day

    How much it could earn every year

    …and after..

    You will have

    Rs. 3010%25 yearsRs 1,184,590
    Rs. 3012%25 yearsRs 1,635,207
    Rs. 3015%25 yearsRs 2,679,596
    *The numbers used in the table above are for illustrative purposes only

    “But”, you protest, “I really like my fizzy cola drink, my yummy ice cream, and my calming coffee.”

    Well, there are other ways to save your money.
    What if we told you – that every time you ask a mutual fund distributor to fill up your form and invest your money for you, it costs you a lot.
    And when we say “a lot” we mean “a lot”.

    Like maybe a mobile phone.
    Or a new laptop.
    Or a diamond ring.
    Or a car.

    That’s right.

    Spend a moment to take a look at the graph below
    Philosophy Graph
    *The numbers used in graph above are for illustrative purposes only

    What this means is simply this, lets say you invested a sum of Rs. 400,000 with your distributor for a period of 7 years.
    Your distributor will earn enough commission from the fund (and from you, of course) that he is now capable of having coffee at a 5 star hotel every single day of his life!
    Maybe the cup of coffee that you stopped having to add to your savings.

    It is a well-kept secret of the finance industry that – for very little work – most people working in the financial services industry get paid a lot.

    Worse, much of this money comes not from creating new wealth for you – the investor – but is merely a transfer of wealth.
    From your pocket to the pocket of those that work in the glorified financial services industry.

    So, why are we telling you this?
    Why are we trying to save you money?

    Well, we had grandparents, too.
    And they also gave us a piggy bank.
    And they also told us: work hard – and work honestly.

    So, here we are – just like you – trying to save where we can.
    And making sure that the money we save is put to work.
    With no extra costs and no leakages of excessive commissions.

    That is the simple proposition of Quantum Mutual Funds.

    Welcome to Quantum Mutual Funds
    Quantum Mutual Fund is India’s first dedicated, direct-to-investor mutual fund and a fund that does not believe in gathering tons of money, but believes in working for the investor.

    A fund house that does not follow the distribution route, which means that more of your money is invested, giving you more returns, which is why the distributor will never sell you a Quantum Mutual Fund.

    Why do distributors not recommend Quantum products?
    We have no problem working with distributors and financial planners.

    Our problem is that these fees are generally not transparent, they are not fully disclosed – this means that investors like you may be investing in mutual funds that are not best suited for your needs. The portfolio of mutual funds recommended may be well-suited to the commissions paid to distributors.

    As the investment manager and the asset management company, we build the portfolio and for this we get a fee. Our fees are disclosed.

    The bank that acts as a custodian to all the assets held in the mutual fund for your benefit are also paid a fee. This is also disclosed.

    The registrar and transfer agents look after all the subscriptions and redemptions of the mutual funds and they are paid a fee. This is disclosed.

    When fees are disclosed, we can judge the value of the service provided and decide whether the fees are worth the advice or the service we receive.

    But the distribution channel wants to be treated separately.
    By a different set of rules.

    Only the distributors know what fees they earn from different mutual funds.
    And no one must benchmark their level of advice and service against the fees they earn.

    Our solution to this problem is simple: let every distributor and financial planner bill you for their service. Then you can decide whether their advice is worth it.
    For 3 years Quantum Mutual Fund has been fighting this lone battle.
    Happily, the regulator, SEBI, is considering a new framework to make the mutual fund industry more transparent.

    Many distributors write to us puzzled why we “spit venom” and are “angry” at them.

    We are not angry.

    All we are doing is fighting for a better system which ensures investors get:
    • Mutual funds that work for the good of investors, not only for the good of the distributors;
    • Simple products that make sense for the long run;
    • And focus on keeping costs as low as we can.

    No, we are not angry.

    We are delighted and honoured to be the 29th mutual fund house in the country but the first to work against a distribution system that is loaded against the investors.

    And the first to focus on simple products and stay away from launching complicated products that clutter your portfolio.

    We have chosen a path that no one else has chosen.
    A path not chosen by the large giants whose brand names you see everywhere on billboards and neon signs.
    Or on TV ads.
    A path not chosen by the foreign companies who have set up shop in India and launched mutual funds here.

    A path which allows us to sleep well every night.
    Knowing we are doing the right thing.
    For you, dear investor.
    For your money.
    For your returns.

    Our proposition is that simple, really.
    We work for you.

    We can look you in the eye and tell you:
    • What our fees are
    • How much we earn
    • Why the Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund is not likely to be buyers of shares of certain companies
    • Why the Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund Fund will always underperform an Index which has certain companies in it
    • Why you should not worry about Indices
    • Why we did not own Satyam
    • Why we think sector funds are speculative investments and not worth your time and money
    • Why the Quantum Liquid Fund did not tarnish its name, track record, and liquidity at a time when some of the largest fund houses in the country were in trouble because these funds held illiquid assets.

    We love what we do…and we could go on and on….ask us any question, and we will respond to it.

    After all, we wish to make an honest living looking after your investments. And follow the simple advice of our simple grandparents.
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