The Path to Profit

Posted On Sunday, Jan 01, 1950

So, this is the plan.
I am heading to 7 cities in South India and will be happy to meet with you.
Quantum Mutual Fund bought a white Tata Sumo Grande, plastered it with our logo (Quantum Mutual Fund, Profit with Process) and with our web site address - which is

Ajit stands near the Quantum Tata Sumo Grande

The Path to Profit is heading out on a journey of about 4,200 km as we wind our way from Bombay to Bangalore to Mysore to Coimbatore to Madurai to Salem to Pondicherry to Chennai...and then back to Bombay.

I reach Bangalore on Saturday, September 12th and will be happy to meet with you at the investor conferences that we are organising.


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