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Wealth Creation

While wealth creation may seem a lofty goal, there is nothing we cannot achieve if we go the right way and ensure that we start small, at the same time think big and not lose sight of the bigger picture or the financial goal for which we have started saving. In order to take that first small step towards wealth creation, see how much you need to save to reach your financial goal.

Recommended Funds

Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund

Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund is a fund that is ideal for investors with a long term time horizon and looking for diversification in equities. The fund was launched in 2006 and follows the value investing philosophy, providing the perfect solution for you to achieve your financial goals.

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Quantum Equity Fund of Funds

Quantum Equity Fund of Funds invests in well researched 5-10 diversified equity schemes of other fund houses. This is the ideal fund for investors who would like to start investing in equities without worrying about which individual funds to select.

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