• ELSS Funds Simplified with Sorbh Gupta, Fund Manager

    Posted On Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021

    As the tax season is about to end, investors want to park their money to save tax under section 80/C.

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  • Can You Save Tax & Create Wealth at the Same Time?

    Posted On Tuesday, Dec 08, 2020

    As the year ends with all the festivities, we are also coming an inch closer to the tax saving season.

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  • Your Guide to Get the Tax Edge with Mutual Funds

    Posted On Tuesday, Feb 04, 2020

    In the journey of wealth creation, the approach decides your success. With a galore of investment avenues available, often, it is the choices we make that determine if the journey will be fruitful enough; whereby inflation is countered effectively and tax-efficient returns are earned.

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  • The ugly twin of taxation – inflation

    Posted On Monday, Sep 16, 2019

    Don't find paying taxes fun? You're not alone. In fact, searching for ways to legally pay less tax is a favorite Indian pastime.

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  • Impact Of Low Expense Ratio On Mutual Fund Investments

    Posted On Wednesday, Feb 06, 2019

    Yes, Mutual Funds, in our view, are by far one of the smartest ways of investments available today.

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  • Low Expense Ratio, High Impact on Mutual Fund Investments

    Posted On Thursday, Aug 30, 2018

    Yes, Mutual Funds, in our view, are by far one of the smartest ways of investments available today.

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  • Quantum's Roadmap for Expense Ratios

    Posted On Monday, Feb 06, 2017

    In keeping with our ethos of doing what is best for investors, Quantum Mutual Fund announces a roadmap for a drop in expense ratios of its funds. This is a reflection of our commitment to investors of keeping our costs low and passing on the benefits of higher Assets Under Management (AUM) to our investors.

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  • Know The Expense Ratio Of Your Mutual Fund

    Posted On Monday, Jan 09, 2017

    You often hear that expense ratio of a fund is 2.5% or 2%, but in all that fine print, it tends to get lost somewhere and we, as investors, tend to underestimate the impact of this ratio on your mutual fund portfolio. Let’s discuss this topic today in detail, which could actually be a very important factor in selecting a fund.

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  • Are you aware of the Expenses Charged on your Mutual Fund Schemes?

    Posted On Friday, Jan 10, 2014

    Pay attention to the expense ratio while selecting a mutual fund. Higher the expense ratio, lower your returns in the long term.

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