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Please share SWP Calculation formula in Excel format.

A Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) is a facility that allows an investor to withdraw predefined money from his Mutual Fund scheme at predetermined intervals.  A variant of SWP is Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) wherein predefined money is withdrawn from a Mutual Fund scheme and reinvested in another scheme.

We can understand the calculation with the following example:

Assuming an investor has been given a monthly SWP of Rs. 5000 on 7th of every month. If 7th of the month is a business day then the instructions will be executed and the SWP transaction would be processed as a redemption of Rs. 5000 and the amount paid to the investor. The Exit Load and applicable STT / TDS taxes are also considered while processing the transaction and units to that extent would be reduced basis the applicable NAV. If the selected date is a non-business day then the transaction would be processed on the next business day.

Considering NAV in the example mentioned above is Rs. 15 and no load is applicable, the 333. 333 units would be reduced assuming the units are load free and taxes are not applicable.

Please refer to the following links for the online and offline SWP respectively:

ANNEXURE will give you a better understanding of the calculation.


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