Recommend Quantum Funds

  • At Quantum, we grow money, with integrity, regardless. Quantum Mutual Fund was launched in 2006. Being established for over a decade, we have witnessed significant political and economic changes, fluctuations in market conditions and adversities both natural and financial - nationally and globally. Through all these tribulations, we have emerged as a trustworthy fund house that will yield sensible, risk-adjusted returns over the long- term. We manage money prudently and with integrity, regardless of market noise, socio-economic volatilities, and/or any macro-economic factors which would often deter investors from investing.

    We hold the firm credence that we are Asset Managers, not Asset Gatherers - we don’t believe in gathering money, but believe in working for the investing population at large faithfully and diligently. We follow a thorough process that ensures all the stocks in the portfolio have predictable characteristics and gives the portfolio a probable behavioral pattern.