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Transmission of units is done in the event of the death of the first unit holder wherein only the transfer of units will take place from the unit holder’s name to the claimant’s name.

1. Applicants/Claimants should submit the duly filled and signed Transmission Form along with the prescribed documents as per situation as specified in the AMFI Circular.

2. The transmission process is specific to mode of holding. Kindly click here for Common Transmission Forms for different scenarios, list of documents & Annexures to be submitted for transmission of units.

You may submit completely filled and duly signed Transmission Form with requisite documents and Annexures as prescribed in the Ready Reckoner to our AMC branch or KFin Technologies Limited collection centers closest to you. Please Click here to refer our Office Address, Contact Details and KFin Technologies Limited collection centers nearest to you.

       i. The redemption request given with transmission will not be processed and the claimant will have to submit a redemption request after the transmission is completed.

       ii. A new folio will be created for all transmission cases.

       iii. For Death Certificate (DC) issued outside India, the DC should be attested by Indian Embassy located in the country issuing the DC or embassy of the country issuing DC located in India.

Kindly refer to AMFI guidelines on the same for additional details.

a. The ongoing systematic transactions (SIP/STP/SWP) will be terminated post the transfer of units into the new folio.
Post the transfer of units, the claimant has to provide the new folio number allotted to him for any financial/non-financial transaction.

b. As per the ELSS, in the event of the death of the 'Assessee', the nominee or legal heir as the case may be shall be able to withdraw the investment only after the completion of1 (one) year from the date of allotment of the Units to the 'Assessee'. Accordingly, transfer of Units (allotted to 'Assessee' as defined under the ELSS) to nominees as mentioned above will be carried out only after the completion of 1 (one) year from the date of its allotment. The restriction of 3 (three) year shall apply to units allotted to investors other than the deceased 'Assesses' referred to above.

For any further guidance or assistance on Transmission, you may reach us on our below given helpline number or email us

TollFree Number: 1800 22 3863 / 1800 209 3863

Email Id: [email protected]

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