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Yes, you can continue to transact funds under the Direct Plan or Regular Plan from the Quantum website i.e., you can purchase, switch, redeem funds and perform all other transactions as always.

No. Quantum will continue servicing its investors as it continues to offer Direct Plan, irrespective of whether they have come through Distributors or directly under the Direct Plan. All existing investors who would have come through Distributors will remain in our Direct Plan at the existing expense ratio and investors can transact funds under the Direct Plan from the Quantum website i.e., you can purchase, switch, redeem funds and perform all other transactions as always.

No. There is no change in Quantum's philosophy. Ever since its inception, Quantum has always maintained transparency in its approach by adopting a team-driven, well-defined research and investment process that has generated positive results for our investors over the long term. Till transparency on distributor commissions came into the system, Quantum reiterated the fact that we would pay Rs. ZERO. In October 2016, things changed. SEBI's new rule necessitates all mutual fund houses to disclose the exact commission paid to distributors in the half-yearly Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) that is sent to investors. Hence we launched a Regular Plan. Click here to know more on Quantum's philosophy.

No. You can continue investing directly with us and being serviced directly by us even though you have invested through a Distributor. However, we do recognize that a few investors may need the assistance and the help of a Distributor to plan their investments while also wanting to be serviced by their Distributors. In such a scenario, as per the Regulatory Guidelines, these investors will need to switch from Direct Plan to Regular Plan as we will not be able to share data feeds with the Distributor who in turn in absence of data will not be able to service such investors.

No. There is no exit load while switching from Direct Plan to the Regular Plan. However, please note that such a switch would be a taxable event, wherever capital gains tax applies.

The chart below will explain what you need to do as an investor. In a nutshell, if you are a Direct investor with us, you need to simply sit back and relax as there’s nothing you need to do! ☺ - however if you have an ARN number along with your investment then the chart below will help you know the next steps

Scheme Name

 Direct Plan

Regular Plan

Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund



Quantum ELSS Tax Saver Fund



Quantum Liquid Fund



Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund



Quantum Equity Fund of Funds



Quantum Gold Savings Fund



Quantum Multi Asset Fund of Funds



Quantum India ESG Equity Fund



Expense ratio for Quantum Gold Fund is 0.79%
Expense ratio for Quantum NIFTY 50 ETF is 0.094%

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