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This facility will be available to existing registered individual investors and joint holders where the mode of holding is ‘Individual ‘or ‘Anyone or Either or Survivor’ or ‘Joint’ and who are KYC compliant. Even non-individual investors who are KYC compliant are eligible for transactions through Fax / E-Mail fax.
Note: For Individual Investors the Email Id of the investor needs to be registered under his folio. For the Non-Individual Investors their Email ID  has to be registered under their folio to avail the ‘Email with Attachment’ facility however it is not mandatory for fax transactions.
A new investor who wish to avail this facility shall be first required to subscribe for units through other modes of transaction i.e. offline or through the ‘Login’ option provided on our website. Post which they can avail for transactions through this facility.

Channel Investors – Yes. All channel investors can avail for this facility.

Demat Investors – Demat investors can avail this facility only for additional purchase and SIP cancellation transactions.

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