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Please note that you need to be KYC compliant to invest with us. Click here to know more about KYC.

To invest offline in India’s 1st Direct to Investor Mutual fund, investors are requested to follow the steps given below:

Opening a Demat Account and Trading Account via Stock Exchange Broker
Place an order to buy a Mutual Fund scheme
Receiving confirmation on the same

Get in touch with a SEBI registered Broker or Trading Member and open a new DEMAT account as well as Trading account. If you already have an existing demat account say for holding of your securities, same account can be used for holding mutual fund units in demat form also.

Note: broker should have obtained AMFI Registration Number (ARN) from Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI).

Some of the popular brokers are HDFC Securities, ICICI Direct, Sharekhan, Indiainfoline etc.

Place an order to buy a Mutual Fund scheme

A}For placing a subscription order, you would need to give the name of the Mutual Fund, Name of the Scheme, the value (i.e. money) that you intend investing, whether your subscription is fresh (first time investor for a Mutual Fund company) or additional.
B}You need to make payment in favour of the broker through cheque or any other payment mode that is available with them. Broker is obliged to place order only when clear balance from your end is available in his account.
C}The broker places an order to buy Mutual Fund units and charge the brokerage fees as per the fees structure.

After this, broker would be in a position to confirm the details of order to the investor.

Receiving confirmation on the same

By end of the day member would be able to issue Contract Note containing particulars of Mutual Fund Scheme, value of subscription, brokerage and service tax applicable. In cases of rejection of the order, reason for rejection would also be communicated by the member.

Once he receives the confirmation and delivery of mutual fund units in to his account he will transfer the same to Investor’s account. The investor should be able to see his Mutual fund units by logging in to his demat account.

Note: The investor does not get any kind of confirmation or account statement from the respective MUTUAL FUND or AMC for the units bought.

NSE has started an online order collection system specially for transacting in Mutual Funds called as MFSS. Click here to read more .

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