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Yes, there is an option to hold the units of the Quantum Mutual Fund Schemes in dematerialized mode.
To avail the same, you should have a Demat/beneficiary account with a DP and need to mention all the details of your account no. and DP while filling the scheme application form.

Online Transactions currently enabled for a Demat Folio

Sr NoTransaction Type
1Additional Purchase
3ISIP Registration
4ISIP Cancellation
6Modify Email Id
7Modify Contact Details
8FATCA Details
9Account Statement
11Online Folio Consolidation

Online Transactions currently disabled for a Demat Folio.

Sr NoTransaction Type
2SWP Registration
3SWP Cancellation
4STP Registration
5STP Cancellation
6Online Multiple Bank Account Registration
7Online Change of Bank
8Online Modification of Tax Status
9Online Nominee Addition/Modification/Deletion

Yes, you can now purchase Quantum Mutual Fund Units through the Invest online option in demat mode (in addition to the offline mode).

Only the below mentioned categories of investors can invest in Quantum Mutual Fund through the online module for demat:

  • Adult Resident Indian Individuals
  • Non - Resident Indians and persons of Indian origin residing abroad, on a non-repatriable/full repatriation basis (Excluding investors residing in the US, Canada and non-compliant FATF Countries)
  • Parents/Lawful guardians on behalf of Minors

Yes. In case of holding in demat account, users have to ensure that the sequence of names, the mode of holding, nomination details, contact details, etc. matches with that of the account held with the Depository Participant.

If the details mentioned in the application are not matching with the Depository Participant data, then the Units will be issued in Physical mode and Statement of Account will be issued to the Unit holder.

Yes. In case the units are held under Demat Form, the Bank account details should also match with the bank account that is linked to the Demat account.

Investors have to ensure that the Bank account through which the investment is being done matches with the bank account details in the demat account, otherwise the application is liable to be rejected.

In case the initial purchase is done such that you have opted to receive units in demat mode, we will validate the demat account details provided by you with the respective depository participant. Upon successful validation, the units will be initiated for allotment in demat mode within 10 business days.

In case of allotment of units in dematerialized mode under Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)/additional purchases, the units will be credited to your demat account on a weekly basis (every Monday), subject to realization of funds in the previous week. For example, Units will be credited to your demat account on following Monday for transactions processed, subject to funds realized in the previous week (from Monday to Friday).

An Allotment Advice is sent to investors as an acknowledgement post purchase of units. It is a confirmation sent to investors stating that we have initiated the transfer of units to his demat account. In case you are unable to view the transactions in your demat account, you need to get in touch with your demat service providers.

a. Obtain and sign DRF: The first step, is to ask your Depository Participant (like ICICIDirect, Sharekhan, Reliance Money, etc) for a ‘Dematerialisation Request Form’ (DRF) for conversion of mutual funds units held in physical form into demat form. Once you have obtained it, kindly fill the DRF and please remember to sign it.

b. Sign all the Statement of Accounts from your Mutual Funds: You will have to collect the statements from us. Once you have them, you have to sign it. This step is important to make sure you have documentary proof that you own those mutual funds in your name.

c. Submitting Documents and Acknowledgement: Kindly submit the duly filled and signed DRF along with and Account Statement issued by us to the Depository Participant. Acknowledgement will be given by the Depository Participant for the document acceptance (subject to verification).

d. Processing: The Depository Participant (DP) will process the application for conversion of physical units into electronic form. For this, the DP would send the request form and Statement of Account to the Asset Management Company (AMC) / Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA).

e. Confirmation: The AMC / RTA will, after due verification, confirm the conversion request sent by your DP and credit the mutual fund units in your demat account.

In short, you need to first start the process of conversion of units by obtaining the conversion request form (DRF) from your Depository Participant (DP).
Fill up the form and submit it with the required documents and Statements of Account to the DP.
The DP will send the application to the fund house. The request will be verified by the asset management company (AMC) and the Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA). The fund house will then confirm the request and credit the units to your demat account.

Yes, provided the demat account is opened under the NRI category.

You are requested to check with your Depository Participants (DPs) for the Rematerialization Request Form to convert mutual funds units held in demat mode to physical form.

Units requested for Dematerialisation should be free from credit hold, lien or any other hold. In case any units are under hold for want of credit status, conversion will be processed only after clearance of such hold.

Dematerialisation request should not be submitted if the units are lien or locked for any Income Tax or other legal purpose.

No. Only partial units or selected schemes available under a folio cannot be accepted for conversion of units from demat to physical form or vice-versa.

Rejection letter in such cases will be sent by the Depository Participants if the documents are not in order, units are under lock, or rejected by the Registrar during the conversion process providing reason thereof.

Yes, you will be able to see the status of your transactions in your online profile. You will be able to view transactions in your online profile which have been done through our website as well as transactions done through the demat account.

Yes, you will be able to transact through your DP in your demat account as well as transact through our website.

Redemption request can be placed through Depository Participants & Exchange platforms like NSE MFSS/ BSE STAR platform which are available for trading of Mutual Fund Units.

Procedure of redemption for the units held with NSDL & CDSL:
The investor who holds units in the demat mode can place redemption request only with their Depository Participant. In case the investor desires to redeem units through the Mutual Fund, the dematerialised units have to be converted into physical form (represented by statement of account issued by Quantum AMC) by submitting an application for Re-materialization of units to the Depository Participant. After conversion of such units into the physical mode, the investor can submit an offline/online request for redemption to the AMC. In case of offline redemption application, the redemption would be considered on the date when physical redemption slip is provided duly signed to Quantum AMC and are liable to be rejected.

We would also like to bring to your notice that few of the DP’s may not allow to redeem through demat mode at the time of redemption (the reason for not providing this option in your demat account for Quantum may be checked with your DP). Few of the DP’s being - ICICI Securities, Sharekhan, HDFC Securities etc. Hence we request you to check on this with your respective DP before investing through demat mode with us.

Yes you can make additional purchase, ISIP purchase and cancellation under the same folio using your existing User Id and password which was created during your initial purchase transaction for allotment of Units in demat mode.
Please refer below table for the options enabled and disabled while you log in with your details.


All optionsPortfolio SummaryAdditional PurchaseFATCA details

Personal DetailsRedemptionSMILE

Transaction StatusISIP CancellationQ_Mitra

Asset Class wise SummaryISIP Registration
 Account DetailsOTM Registration

Account Statement 
 Capital Gain Statement 
SwitchDefault Bank Updation
STP/SWP RegistrationFolio Consolidation
STP/SWP CancellationModify Residential Status


Nominee Updation

Modify Contact Details

Modify Email ID

Modify Residential Status

Map a Folio

Remove a Folio

Lien Marking

In case you have opted to receive Units in demat mode, we will validate the demat account details provided by you with your depository participant. Upon successful validation, the units will be initiated for allottment in demat mode within 10 business days.

No separate confirmation letter / statement of account will be sent by the Registrar / AMC for successful transfer of units in demat form. However you will be able to view the details of your investments in your demat account holding statement.

In case of unsuccessful validation due to incorrect demat account details or incase the investor details as mentioned in the online application form does not match with that of the account held with the Depository Participant, then Units will be allotted in Physical mode.

Below are the details which get updated in the folio as per the details provided by you to your demat service provider. Incase of changes to be done in any of these details, you need to contact your Demat Service provider for the same.

• Investor Name
• Email ID
• Mobile Number
• Residential Number
• Investor Tax status / Category
•Mode of Holding
• First Holder PAN Number
• First Joint Holder, Second Joint Holder PAN
• Investor Address
• Date of birth
• Default Bank details
• Nominee details

Currently this facility is not available for demat folio.

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