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Triggers are options provided to the Unit holder enable automatic switch on the happening of the desired event. Triggers can help Investor make the most of market movements without the hassle of constant tracking. It provides information (alert based trigger) / initiates action (action based trigger). The Unit holder can specify a specific event/action, which may be related to time or value or a specific event/action in advance and when this event/action takes place the trigger will get activated. If then Unit holder has opted for alert based trigger, this facility will "ALERT" (via Mail/SMS) the Unit holder after meeting the specifications provided by the investor. If the Unit holder has opted for action based trigger, the system will process the transaction (switch) on the basis of the specifications provided by the Unit holder.

No. Use separate trigger application form for each transaction of a scheme/plan /option.

No. Only end of the day closing points of BSE/NSE will be considered for activating the trigger. Percentage rise/falls will be calculated by taking the base index as on the investment date.

If the trigger is a time based trigger, the time event prescribed by the Unit holder would be the base of activation of the trigger. If the trigger is event based, the happening of the event prescribed by the Unit holder is the base for activation of the Trigger.

The end of the day NAV based Price of Investment  on the day of registration of the trigger will be compared with the NAV based Price of Investment (without considering exit load) of each subsequent business day till the occurrence of the trigger event prescribed by the Unit holder.

No. Unit holder can select multiple Trigger options available in the form. However, out of selected options, trigger will be actioned only for the option which meets the set criteria prior to other options. The other options selected will get deactivated.

The Unit holder is informed about the execution and the subsequent transaction through the SMS/physical/E-mail account statement as opted in Application form.

The various types of Triggers available to the Unit holder are:< /p>

a. Event-based Triggers: Unit holder can also set triggers based on the occurrence of a particular external event that affects the value of investment. For example,

  • Value of investment reaches or crosses a particular value
  • Investment Value appreciates by specified %
  • Capital appreciation of a particular amount
  • NAV reaches or crosses a particular value
  • NAV appreciates by specified %
  • Switch on a particular day or date
  • BSE Sensex Rise/Fall by specific points/percentage
  • BSE /NSE Sensex reaches specific points/percentage
  • NSE NIFTY Rise/Fall by specific points/percentage

b. Time based Triggers: Time based triggers are actioned on the day and /or date opted by the investor. For e.g. If investor has opted particular day or date trigger for redeeming specified amount to buy some gift for his/her relative’s birthday, a trigger could be set based on the date as requested by the Unit holder or Investor can give a redemption request before a specific date - 25th Wedding Anniversary,  retirement date, three years from date of trigger or  son/daughter reaches the age of 21.

Trigger Form is available at all our branches, designated KFin Technologies Limited collection centers of Quantum Mutual Fund and on the website www.QuantumAMC.com under ''Quick Download'' >> Service Request Form >> Trigger Application Form section .Kindly refer this link to view our branches and KFin Technologies Limited collection centers

On the day of the happening of the event the Unit holder can choose from the following options
    • Full switch from Liquid Scheme into other schemes of Quantum Mutual Fund
    • Switch of certain number of units
    • Switch of certain amount
    • Switch of only gains into other schemes of Quantum Mutual Fund
    • Switch original investment amount in Liquid scheme to any other scheme.
    • Switch Gain amount in Liquid Scheme to any other schemes

Yes, the Trigger can be modified by submitting a duly signed request letter. Three (3) business days’ time is required to update the modified trigger request at our end.

The application for a trigger is made by submitting the duly filled and signed Trigger application form at designated Investor Service Centers of Quantum Mutual Fund.

The AMC will execute the trigger on the Unit holder''s behalf.

Trigger facility helps the Unit holders to minimize the loss and/or timely book the profits. Also trigger is an additional facility provided to the Unit holders to save time on completing switch formalities on happening of a particular predetermined event.

The Unit holder has to set the Trigger.

Yes, In case Trigger request is received after partial switch-out from the Original Invested amount in liquid scheme, then the said trigger will be actioned after fulfillment of the Original invested amount. Example: - Investor invested Rs.30,000/- on 1/2/2010 , and switched 5,000/- on 20/4/2010. Trigger request for appreciation is received for transaction (of 30,000/-) on 15/05/2010. Trigger will be actioned after the original invested amount reaches Rs.30, 000/-.

A Trigger will activate a transaction / alert when the event selected for has reached the value greater than/ equal to the specified particular value i.e. Trigger Point.

Eg:  Mr. Z bought 5000 units at NAV of 11.00. If  Mr. Z wants to switch all his units when the NAV reaches 15.00, he has to keep track of the NAV daily and then send a switch request within a stipulated time period for effecting the switch at the NAV of the intended day.

However, instead of keeping a track of the NAV everyday, Mr.ZA can set a Trigger: To switch all units when NAV is 13 or more. In this case, the AMC will keep track on behalf of Mr. Z and switch his units on the day when the NAV reaches 13 or more. Thus Trigger is useful in financial planning.

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