Disclaimer, Statutory Details & Risk Factors

The investors of Quantum Equity Fund of Funds, Quantum Gold Savings Fund and Quantum Multi Asset Fund will bear the recurring expenses, transaction charges and loads if any of the Schemes in addition to the expenses, transaction charges and loads of the underlying Schemes.

Quantum Nifty ETF (QNIFTY) is benchmarked to Nifty 50 - Total Return Index are not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by India Index Services & Products Limited (IISL). IISL is not responsible for any errors or omissions or the results obtained from the use of such index and in no event shall IISL have any liability to any party for any damages of whatsoever nature (including lost profits) resulted to such party due to purchase or sale or otherwise of such product benchmarked to such index. Please refer SID of the QNIFTY for full Disclaimer clause in relation to the "Nifty 50 - Total Return Index".

It is to be distinctly understood that the permission given by National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) should not in any way be deemed or construed that the Scheme Information Document (SID) of Quantum Gold Fund (QGF) and Quantum Nifty ETF (QNIFTY) has been cleared or approved by NSE nor does it certify the correctness or completeness of any of the contents of the SIDs. The investors are advised to refer to the SID of QGF & QNIFTY for the full text of the Disclaimer clause of NSE.

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