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Quantum MF Total AUM₹1,536 Cr
Asset Size As On 31/05/2019 In ₹ Crore
Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund981
Quantum Tax Saving Fund80
Quantum Equity Fund of Funds39
Quantum Liquid Fund284
Quantum Gold Fund ETF53
Quantum Nifty ETF05
Quantum Gold Savings Fund14
Quantum Multi Asset Fund17
Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund59

Path to Profit

‘Path to Profit’ is an investor education initiative by Quantum Asset Management Co Pvt Ltd. ‘Path to Profit‘ is our opportunity to interact with you and understand your investment needs. We are keen to help you achieve your financial goals with two simple rules: a long-term approach towards investing backed by a disciplined investment process.

Your InvestMentor

YourInvestMentor is an online Investor Education and Awareness initiative brought to you by Quantum Mutual Fund in association with PersonalFN. It is an endeavour to help you understand the basic concepts and advantages of investing in different asset classes

SMILE Facility

A SIP allows us to plan for our future needs.

But what of those who do not necessarily have the opportunity to build a future? An investment by you in the SMILE facility will allow millions to have an opportunity,as the SMILE facility enables you to contribute a part of your investment with Quantum to a charitable cause with NGOs registered with the "HelpYourNGO" Foundation.


Subbu's Solutions

With over 3 decades of experience in the Indian financial industry, I.V. Subramaniam (aka "Subbu") has built a treasure trove of information to offer investors in their financial journeys. Subbu, currently a Director of Quantum AMC as well as the MD, CEO & CIO of its sponsor Quantum Advisors has been answering investors' questions and is keen to answer your queries...

Partner Corner

To us, building business implies adding value to every partner with us. And that would be extended to you, as our empanelled Investment Advisor. Our aim is to empower our partners with the right knowledge, entrust to you our philosophy and extend to you our wholehearted support. Our idea is simple – Our growth lies in helping you grow!

Why Mutual Funds?

In this current financial climate, investors in India have recognized that simply leaving cash in a savings account may not generate much additional wealth. For an increasing number of people, investing in Mutual Funds through Asset Management Companies or AMCs may be a relatively better way to get a good return. If you're looking for investment options for any time horizon then mutual funds could be your answer.

Choosing the Best Mutual Fund

When it comes to deciding on the best mutual funds to invest in, settling on just one can be a challenge! Each of the top mutual funds in India brings its own set of benefits, so it's always wise to do your research and take sound financial advice before looking for the best mutual funds for you. It's important to note that returns can go up and down, so it is advised to take your time to find the best mutual fund that suits your risk appetite and investment horizon.

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