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Invest in Multiple Asset Classes
Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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What is Asset Allocation?

Asset allocation means dividing up your assets in the right proportions among equities, debt, bonds, and gold to maximize your chance of achieving your financial goals while also trying to control investment risk.


Achieve your financial goals
Risk adjusted returns
Mitigates downside risk
Benefit from market cycles

How to build your asset allocation strategy

Ask yourself these five key questions to build you Asset Allocation strategy:

  • Is my investment portfolio diverse?
  • Does it bring a good mix to my portfolio?
  • Does it match my risk profile?
  • Does the asset mix have the potential to help me reach my goals?
  • Are the assets relevant to the emerging themes?

Start building your asset allocation strategy

Investor Education and Awareness Initiative by Quantum Mutual Fund

  1. Investor should deal only with Registered Mutual Funds of which can be verified on the SEBI website under “Intermediaries / Market Infrastructure Institutions”.
  2. Investor can approach Investor Relation Officer of Mutual Fund for redressal of grievance or complaint. If the compliant remain unresolved then can approach SEBI or can lodge complaint on SEBI SCORES Portal https://scores.gov.in.
  3. Know Your Customer (KYC) is compulsory for investing in mutual funds. For KYC investor to submit KYC form along with the Proof of Identity and Proof of Address to KYC Registration Agency. For details please click here.

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