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I want to invest Rs 6 lakh in an instrument which is liquid but safer than stocks and gives better returns than a savings account or a FD.

What are your options?

The investor has to take into account the time horizon and the risk appetite before investing his money. If the investor has a holding period of less than 6 months, Liquid funds are one of the ideal investment vehicle. If the risk appetite of the investor is slightly higher, then longer duration products such as short term bond fund may be attractive.

While fixed income products are considered as less risky than stocks from a volatility point of view, in the long run their returns may be lower than rate of inflation. This means that your investment in saving account and or liquid fund, may not generate returns to cover the increase in prices i.e. inflation. E.g. if something costs Rs. 100 now and the rate of inflation is 8%, then the same good/service will cost Rs. 108 in the future and if your fixed income investments return anything less than 8%, then you go out of pocket for the difference. While stocks may be volatile and the investor may consider it be of high risk, it has the potential to generate rates of returns in the long term which can beat the inflation.

However if stocks are a strict no then investing in a liquid fund can be the other option. Moreover you could also consult a financial advisor to suggest you a scheme.


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