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I am an existing investor of Quantum MF. I would like to know why the exit NAV (repurchase price) is lower than Actual for QLTEF. Some people are saying that this is as good as having higher expense ratio with hidden charges. - Pradeep
Mr. Pradeep, thank you for writing to us. It is such questions that help us clear the air in the investors mind regarding his/her mutual fund investments. Firstly, Expense ratio and Exit load are two very different things. The expense ratio is the annual fee that all funds or ETFs charge their investors. QLTEF has expense ratio of 1.25%, which is one of the lowest in the industry. Repurchase or redemption price is the price or NAV at which a scheme purchases or redeems its units from the investors. Therefore, while I assure you at Quantum there is no hidden charges, there is a formula that calculates at what rate the scheme will buyback your units. This formula is prescribed by the market regulator SEBI to all mutual fund houses:
Repurchase Price = Applicable NAV *(1 - Exit Load, if any)
So, at the time of redemption what happens is your repurchase price is dependent on the exit load of the scheme, which again depends on the number of days the units were allotted to you. The exit loads are applied on a variable basis depending on the term of the investment. Below is the Exit load for QLTEF.
Exit load for QLTEF

The main intention behind charging high exit load is to make sure that the fund appeals to investors who are looking at long term investments and discourage speculators who wish to make quick money in a short span. This is especially true for equities, where investments are meant to be for long term. Moreover, if the investor stays invested for two years there is no exit load. In this case, the repurchase price will be that day’s actual NAV.

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