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Mr. I.V. Subramaniam (Subbu), Director, Quantum Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to answer investment related queries. Once again, read on to know his views on some interesting queries posted recently...

Is Quantum Multi Asset Fund a good fit for retirement?

The name of Quantum Multi Asset Fund was recently changed to Quantum Multi Asset Fund of Funds (QMAFOF) since it invests in other schemes of Quantum.

While QMAFOF can help investors generate wealth over long term, what sets it apart from other long term funds (diversified equity funds) is that QMAFOF's main objective is to generate modest capital appreciation while trying to reduce risk by diversifying risks across asset classes. The portfolio of the fund divided into three asset classes of equity, debt and gold will help to reduce volatility while aiming to generate risk adjusted returns. QMAFOF gives the fund manager the liberty to balance its allocation to each of the three asset classes as per the market conditions. With indicative equity & debt allocation ranging from 25% - 65% and gold from 10% - 20%.

Therefore if you are looking for a fund that helps you build your retirement corpus while also trying to mitigate risk QMAFOF could be a prudent choice. For that matter, QMAFOF could also be considered as a fund that holds your post-retirement corpus. With a right balance of equity – debt and gold QMAFOF aims to give your money the liberty to not be afraid of inflation, changing interest rates by giving just the right exposure to equities.

Also you could check out our Retirement Calculator to see exactly how you can built your corpus over the long term. Click here.

I am 27 years old working individual. I can save up to Rs 15,000 a month. With considerably low responsibilities I think I should be able to take some risk of investing in equities. How should I invest this sum?

It's great that you want to start investing at this stage. Given your age and risk appetite you should by all means look at investing in equity mutual funds. Equity has potential to earn high returns over the long period of time. However compared to other asset classes equities are more risky and the year on year returns are volatile. Also remember, with relatively less responsibilities this is an ideal time for you to start investing for your retirement. Moreover to make this easier you can simply split your investment in two funds - Quantum Equity Fund of Funds & Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund. While QEFOF is a fund that has a portfolio of around 6-7 well researched diversified equity schemes, only 20% of your portfolio could be invested in QLTEVF - our flagship diversified equity fund that follows a value style of investing that aims to generate wealth for long term while also mitigating the risk factor. Click here to know more.

With Australia's wildfire now and recent Amazon fire and other geographical worries I am driven towards ESG investing. Could you share some insights on this?

The ideal time to investing in sustainable businesses with ESG oriented equity funds was like - yesterday. Yes, I understand your concerns on things that have been happening to our planet globally. That is why we had launched Quantum India ESG Equity Fund in June 2019 last year. Its time businesses look at sustainability as a core to their processes to survive in the long run.

As per the World Economic Forum Global Risks Perception Survey 2018–2019, business leaders are acknowledging the risks that climate change is expected to bring.

Top 10 Risks Chart

However for an investor it might not be possible to identify all the challenges businesses risk to face. Therefore an investment in Quantum India ESG Equity Fund will help you as an investor to build wealth over long term by investing in growth-oriented companies who aim to deliver sustainable returns.

Product Labeling
Name of the SchemeThis product is suitable for investors who are seeking*Riskometer
Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund

(An Open Ended Equity Scheme following a Value Investment Strategy)
• Long term capital appreciation

• Invests primarily in equity and equity related securities of companies in S&P BSE 200 index
Quantum Long Term Equity Fund
Investors understand that their principal will be at Moderately High Risk
Quantum Equity Fund of Funds

(An Open Ended Fund of Funds scheme Investing in Open Ended Diversified Equity Schemes of Mutual Funds)
• Long term capital appreciation

• Investments in portfolio of open-ended diversified equity schemes of mutual funds registered with SEBI whose underlying investments are in equity and equity related securities of diversified companies
Quantum Multi Asset Fund of Funds

An Open Ended Fund of Funds Scheme Investing in schemes of Quantum Mutual
•Long term capital appreciation and current income

• Investments in portfolio of schemes of Quantum Mutual Fund whose underlying investments are in equity , debt / money market instruments and gold
Quantum India ESG Equity Fund

An Open ended equity scheme investing in companies following Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) theme
• Long term capital appreciation

• Invests in shares of companies that meet Quantum's Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) criteria.
Quantum Long Term Equity Fund
Investors understand that their principal will be at High Risk
* Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.


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