Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • What is the SMILE Facility?

    The SMILE facility enables an Investor, on the basis of his consent, to contribute some percentage of his/her Investment with Quantum Mutual Fund towards a charitable cause to any NGOs (maximum two) registered with the "HelpYourNGO" Foundation (HYNGO).

  • Who can opt for the SMILE Facility?
    Please refer to the table below for details on who can opt for this facility and the mode of availing for the facility.
    Investor CategoryExisting / New InvestorMode of Availing Facility
    Resident IndividualNew as well as ExistingOffline & Online
    HUFNew as well as ExistingOffline Only
    Companies / LLPNew as well as ExistingOffline Only
    SocietiesNew as well as ExistingOffline Only
    Partnership FirmNew as well as ExistingOffline Only
    TrustsNew as well as ExistingOffline Only
    NRI with terms and conditions as prescribed in the SMILE form.New as well as ExistingOffline & Online

    Note : This facility is available for non-demat investors only
  • Which are the eligible schemes for the SMILE Facility?

    Eligible Schemes for the SMILE Facility are:

    • Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund,
    • Quantum Equity Fund of Funds,
    • Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund,
    • Quantum Multi Asset Fund of Funds
    • Quantum Gold Savings Fund
    • Quantum Liquid Fund
    • Quantum India ESG Equity Fund

    Schemes Not Eligible for SMILE Facility are:

    • Quantum Tax Savings Fund
    • Quantum Gold Fund ETF
    • Quantum Nifty ETF
  • To which NGOs can I contribute?

    a.   HelpYourNGO Foundation: HelpYourNGO Foundation (HYNGO) is a not-for-profit organization set up with the objective of increasing transparency in the social sector. India has more than 3 million registered non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and it is reported that less than 10% of these file annual returns with the government authorities. HYNGO is the only organisation in India that standardises and displays detailed financial and program information on 650+ NGOs spread across 13 Sectors and 480+ zip-codes in India. The aim is to connect donors to genuine, trustworthy NGOs through information on its website and offline donor advisory services. These services have helped corporates with their CSR commitment and individuals, Foundations, and other institutions plan their philanthropic journey.

    If you need any more information, kindly refer to this link which has all details necessary for SMILE investors:

    b.   Sree Guruvayurappan Bhajan Samaj Trust - Unnati: Unnati is the flagship livelihood programme of the Sree Guruvayurappan Bhajan Samaj Trust in Bengaluru. It is a 50-day vocational training programme that helps economically underprivileged youth get an assured job. Students are put through 300 hours of instruction in their chosen vocation in addition to training in spoken English, computers, life skills and values. They have succeeded in placing over 12,000 youth with various employers like the Tata Group, Westside, JP Morgan, Asian Paints, and others.

    c.   CanSupport: Can Support was founded by a cancer survivor to help fight the disease, trauma and pain of cancer patients and their families. They organize home visits by doctors for patients too sick to go to hospital, run outpatient clinics, day care centres, a helpline and spread awareness of Government schemes for financial assistance. Their medical teams - each comprising a doctor, nurse and counselor, made over 34,000 home visits in FY17; recorded nearly 12,500 patient visits at their outpatient clinics and over 4,000 children received nutritional support in FY17.

    d.   Vidya Poshak: Vidya Poshak in Dharwad, Karnataka helps meritorious young students pursue their academic goals. They look for deserving students whose family income is less than Rs70,000 a year. Vidya Poshak’s team of volunteers visits the homes of potential students and assesses their need, and have made over 60,000 visits to date. Their Nurture Merit programme has provided financial assistance, library services and soft skills training to over 15,500 students so far. Since inception, over Rs300 million has been disbursed to deserving students.

    e.   Fight Hunger Foundation: Fight Hunger Foundation works in partnership with Action against Hunger (ACF), the world’s leading NGO focusing solely on child malnutrition. Their goal is to see a hunger-free India, where one million children die from severe acute malnutrition each year. The NGO and its trained community health workers diagnose and treat malnutrition, work with communities to spread awareness and develop and test new formulae for feeding malnourished children. They currently work in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and have covered over 49,000 children with their specially prepared Medical Nutritional Therapy and food baskets and other activities.

    f.   Parinaam Foundation: Parinaam caters to the needs of the poor by providing them with critical social services. They operate in 20 states across India. Their financial literacy programme for women has helped more than 4,00,000 economically disadvantaged women save more and access financial services. Their Urban Ultra Poor Programme tackles generational poverty by providing livelihood, healthcare, childcare and social services support to families in dire need. More than 5,000 families have benefited so far.

    g.   Make-A-Wish Foundation of India: Make-A-Wish Foundation of India is the India chapter of the world’s largest wish-granting organization. They grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to give them hope and strength as they deal with their illnesses. The Foundation believes that having a wish fulfilled gives children a renewed energy to fight the disease they are battling. They have been able to grant over 40,000 wishes till date. People from professions as diverse as the armed forces and film celebrities collaborate to make these kids’ wishes come true.

    Note: 1. This list is subject to change.

    2. If no NGO is/are selected then the contribution will be made to the HYNGO Foundation as Corpus.
  • How much the investor can contribute for SMILE at the time of placing an online redemption request?

    Investors for whom the SMILE Facility is available except for Non – Resident Indian (NRI) Investors can contribute minimum amount of 1% of redemption amount subject to maximum of Rs.1000/- or such other amount at the discretion of the investor from the total amount of redemption amount to HYNGO Foundation as corpus.

  • How many NGOs can an investor opt for the SMILE Facility?

    An investor can opt for minimum 1 and maximum 2 NGOs for this facility.

  • How much can the investor contribute through SMILE Facility?

    With effect from 01st March, 2019 the below is the contribution that can be made through SMILE facility.

    Investors can contribute 10% from the holding of investor under the folio tagged for SMILE at the end of each year ended September 30 and shall be made by way of automatic redemption of units subject to minimum contribution amount of Rs.100/- as per the terms and conditions of the SMILE Facility.

  • How will the investor be able to contribute for this facility?

    Investors have to prescribe the percentage of contribution to be distributed to each NGO in the offline / online form. The contribution will be automatic; depending on the scheme sub-option opted for SMILE Facility.

    1. A contribution of 5% or 10% (basis investor selection) will be done by the way of automatic redemption of units. Subject to minimum contribution amount of Rs.100/ - by way of automatic redemption. The contribution will be deducted from the present holding of the investor under the folio opted for SMILE facility. The automatic redemption will happen every year on September 30.

    Illustration of the calculation is as given below, Please see the addendum for details:
    For SMILE Facility availed for scheme having sub option as 'Growth':
    Holding as on September 30, 2017 is Rs. 5,000 and the investor has selected an option of 5% of the Value.
    5% of Rs. 5,000 + load (if any) = Rs. 250 (will be deducted as partial redemption done automatically)

    For making a contribution under the Investor Advised Option, kindly refer last FAQ.

  • Will the contribution be deducted at the scheme level or the folio level?

    The percentage of contribution will be registered at folio level. However, the donation amount / contribution that you choose will be deducted at scheme level (basis the scheme opted by you).

  • Will there be an exit load charged during this automatic redemption / contribution?

    Yes. As the Contribution will be done by way of redemption of units, the same will be subject to exit load. The long term / short term capital gain tax as may be applicable depend on the nature of scheme and holding period of units.

  • Will there be any expenses to be incurred by investor on behalf of the NGO?

    HYNGO will retain 5% of the contribution amount from investor as fees for administration and due diligence cost.

  • How will the contributed amount be given to the NGO?

    The amount contributed by investors will be transferred to HYNGO’s bank account within 10 Business Days every year ended September 30, who in turn will contribute the amount to respective NGOs as per investors’ choice.

    The amount of contribution will be in round integers or Rs. and not in paise decimals, with decimals upto 0.49 getting rounded off to the lower end and decimals from 0.50 rounding off to the higher end. Then HYNGO will transfer 95% of the funds to respective NGOs based on contribution option decided by the investors and will retain 5% of the funds as administrative and due diligence cost.

    HYNGO will procure a confirmation from the NGO that donation amount has been received.

  • Will the investor be given an acknowledgement from the HYNGO for the contribution done?
    As an investor and donor, you will receive 80G Tax Receipt(s) from HYNGO for the donation amount, so that you can claim tax benefit. You will also receive confirmatory mails from HYNGO about receipt and transfer of the contributed amount to the NGO(s) chosen by you.
  • Will there be any contribution made by AMC to HYNGO?

    The Management Fees excluding scheme expenses on SMILE units received by the AMC from Fund will be paid to HYNGO for operating and managing SMILE facility on behalf of the AMC.

  • Can the investor change the percentage contribution at any point of time?

    An investor can change the list of NGO and percentage of contribution at any point of time. However, the amount will be distributed according to the latest details registered as on September 30.

  • How can I register for SMILE facility?

    You can do a registration for the SMILE Facility either Offline or Online.

    Offline: You have to fill the SMILE Facility Form indicating the Registration option.

    Online: Login with your user id/PAN and password/OTP on the Invest Online Portal > Click on SMILE under Manage Account Tab > Complete the procedure.

  • Can I modify / cancel the SMILE registered details?

    You may submit an offline form for modification / cancellation of the registered SMILE. You can also do this through your invest online login under the section Manage Account > SMILE.

  • Will the investor receive any communication post registration/ modification/cancellation of the SMILE Facility?

    Yes. The investor will receive an email as well as an SMS confirmation post any registration/ modification/cancellation.

  • What is the Investor Advised option? Who can avail of this option?

    The Investor Advised option allows an investor to:

    1. Contribute to any NGO listed with HYNGO on their website -, not just the NGOs mentioned in the list mentioned above.

    2. Redeem his/her units and contribute any amount, not necessarily 5% or 10% of his/her holdings. However, the minimum contribution should be Rs. 500/-.

    3. Get periodic Reports from HYNGO (on their website) on the utilisation of the donations.

    4. Currently investors can opt for Investor Advised option through the offline mode only by submitting the SMILE facility form.

    5. This option can be availed by all Resident Indians and NRIs – whether or not they are citizens of India.