Why did Quantum go the Regular way?

We are delighted to announce the launch of Quantum's Regular Plans for investors with effect from 01 April 2017 post SEBI’s new ruling on disclosure of commissions: a big leap in the demand for transparency!

Know that it is not a change in our operating philosophy.

Know that it is not a change in our structure.

Know that it is not a change in our fund management style.

Our aim is to see to that Partners are adequately reimbursed for the valuable advice that they impart to investors. We encourage long-term investing; on the same note, Partners who retain investor money with Quantum will receive a higher commission on condition that their clients' investments with Quantum are for a minimum of 2 years. Thus the culture of low cost, value-based, long-term investing remains intact for all our investors.

We are thankful to the Partners who have registered with us even while we were focused on the Direct route. More than 300 of such Partners have been happily working with us at zero fees while we were Direct only, reiterating what we have said since inception: we have nothing against Partners who are as passionate about transparency and increasing their clients' wealth as we are.

After the launch of our Regular Plans in 2017, we have seen our Partner network grow multifold. Quantum has seen an even better response from the Partner community and we are pleased to announce that we have a large pool of Partners who have readily registered with us at our commission levels. These Partners want to work for the benefit of their investors and transparency within the industry, reiterating our philosophy and for that, they have our thanks.

To re-iterate there is no change in Quantum's philosophy. Ever since its inception, Quantum has always maintained transparency in our approach by adopting a team-driven, well-defined research and investment process that has generated positive results for investors over the long term.