Certified Financial Guardian (CFG) & Partner Privileges

Are you a Certified Financial Guardian (CFG) - A seal of an ethical Partner?

A professionally crafted 10 hour e-learning Financial Advisory program which will help you hone your skills to deliver the best of Mutual Fund related services to your investors. On successful completion of the program, Partners will be awarded a Certification and will have access to CFG exclusive benefits through the CFG website.

CFG privilege 1: Expert Fund Analysis Reports

Category wise Fund Analysis Reports to make portfolio creation and advising easier for you. These reports will consist of detailed information on best performing funds across various asset classes to help you analyze and recommend funds to your clients’ and build a long term value-return portfolio for them. These reports will assist in giving you and your clients’ a better understanding of top performing funds in the current market scenario.

CFG privilege 2: Unmatched Research & Training Material

Special access to the most current day, time tested, quality research that will help you re-assure your investors about their financial decisions. CFG research resources & training material will hone your Mutual Fund knowledge and help you offer the most appropriate Mutual Fund investment advice to your clients’.

CFG privilege 3: Online Partner Profile

Exclusive Online Partner profile (subject to CFG completion) to assist in boosting online visibility and enhance discoverability. A unique online profile that will help position you as an ethical Mutual Fund Partner.


CFG privilege 4: Tools & Calculators

Gear yourself up with the best tools to help create tailor made portfolios for your clients’. The unique set of tools and calculators will keep you well equipped to analyze the risk intake of your clients’ to help diversify their portfolio.

CFG privilege 5: Innovative Info-Graphics & GIFs

Interactive info-graphics and GIFs to share, educate and build engagement with your client pool.The library of innovative info-graphics that we provide you with will assist you to communicate financial jargon and deliver the right financial knowledge.

CFG privilege 6: Mutual Fund Screener

Become a Certified Financial Guardian and Enhance your Portfolio with our all new Mutual Fund Screener

✔Best performing funds for various investment objectives

✔Easy search

✔Filters best performing Mutual Funds

✔Quickly identifies fund features

CFG privilege 7: Financial Blogs

Financial Blogs specially crafted to shape up your Mutual Fund Advisory Business.

You have worked hard to build your clients’ trust and build your Mutual Fund Advisory Business to where it is today - However, are you fully leveraging this hard work to take your business to the next level?

Become a Certified Financial Guardian and get access to Financial Blogs which will give you a 360 degree view on Mutual Fund Market news, Investment trends and Budgetary tips.

CFG privilege 8: Smart Asset Allocator

Get a quick asset allocation check for your clients’ portfolio with the Smart Asset Allocator.

As you aim to help your client pool meet their aspirations of creating wealth and attain life goals, you must also be aware that not many of them are able to effectively assess their risk appetite and a host of other factors that can impact the dream of wealth creation. Many even end up overexposing their portfolio to risky asset classes to achieve life goals.

If you want to ensure that your clients’ journey to wealth creation is on track, we encourage you to get a timely assessment of the asset allocation in their portfolio.

How? It’s quick and easy…

As a Certified Financial Guardian you can leverage the Smart Asset Allocator Tool to get a quick check of the risk appetite of your clients’ and arrive at a ready asset allocation most suitable for them.

CFG privilege 9: Portfolio Reviewer

Keep track of your clients’ investments for a brighter financial future!

A portfolio review is an indispensable part of the Mutual Fund advisory practice. Advising prudent investments is only half the job well done. Tracking the investment of your valued clients/investors is also important to safeguard their financial health.  

In all probability, you may have advised a worthy scheme/s, but over the years, for some reason, if the scheme/s is/are not performing, then a portfolio review is essential.

You may ignore the underperformance of a Mutual Fund scheme due to short-term turbulence or volatility in the market, or possibly because the fund manager took a contrarian bet than the market. It may take some time for the fund to overcome the volatility and the fund manager''s strategy to pay off.