Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • What is “Transactions through WhatsApp / HIKE Facility"?

    Transactions through WhatsApp / HIKE is a facility wherein Quantum Mutual Fund will accept requests for Financial transactions & like Subscriptions/ Redemption / Repurchase / Switch-in / Switch-out of units and Updation of personal data / information as prescribed on the website of the AMC / Fund from time to time through WhatsApp subject to the Sender fulfilling the terms and conditions as prescribed by the AMC from time to time.

  • What types of commercial transactions are allowed through WhatsApp / HIKE ?
    Existing investors can make the following transactions through WhatsApp.

    • Additional Purchase (Subscription)
    • Redemption
    • Switch in / Switch-out

  • What types of non-commercial transactions are allowed through WhatsApp / HIKE ?
    Non-Financial Transactions:
    Change or Updation of Email id
    Change or Updation of Mobile/Contact no (Verification call* )
    Updation of IFSC / MICR No / Bank Address
    Change of mode of Payment: Direct payment (NEFT/RTGS)/Cheque
    Updation of KYC after receiving KYC acknowledgement
    Change in broker code / EUIN
    Updation of PAN no (Verification call* )
    Change / Updation for Date of Birth
    Updation of DOB proof / relationship proof for minor investors
    Correction in name. If the same is matching with the PAN /KYC for KYC verified investors and PAN card copy to be received through email as an attachment
  • What are the details to be mentioned for transactions through WhatsApp / HIKE ?

    You need to mention your transaction type, folio number, amount, scheme details like name, plan and option, details about change request in the WhatsApp / HIKE message (depending upon the type of transaction).

  • How do I transact Using WhatsApp / HIKE ?

    • The investor is required to send the WhatsAPP transaction request to the Mobile Number +91-924322 3863 containing details as defined on the AMC website which are required to process the transaction request. Transaction requests sent to any other Mobile Number will not be accepted. The AMC will make a confirmation / verification call to the investor on registered Mobile Number / Telephone / Contact Number through recorded line to confirm / verify the Transaction Request.

    • If for any reason whatsoever confirmation / verification is not completed then the Transaction Request will not be processed and the request shall stand rejected by the AMC. After the necessary confirmation / verification of the Transaction Request with the investor, the AMC will send an acknowledgement email to the investor for acceptance or non-acceptance of the Transaction Request and such acknowledgement email from the AMC shall be considered as valid acceptance or non-acceptance of the transaction request and the transaction shall then be processed afterwards subject further to validity of request.

  • Who is eligible for transactions through WhatsApp / HIKE ?

    WhatsApp Facility will be available to existing registered Identified Investors as prescribed by the AMC from time to time and individual investors and joint holders and who is KYC compliant (for financial transactions). The new investor who wishes to avail this Facility shall first be required to subscribe / purchase units through the offline / web or such other mode of transactions as may be prescribed by the AMC from time to time.

    To avail for this facility, the mobile number and Email Id of the investor needs to be registered under his folio.

  • Who is not eligible for transactions through WhatsApp / HIKE ?

    Non individual Investors such as a company, HUF, trust etc. are not allowed to transact via WhatsApp.

  • How do I transfer the funds for my purchase transactions?
    You need to register your bank through the One Time Mandate form for transfer of funds to AMC’s account against your purchase transaction. Please Click Here to know more on One Time Mandate Facility.

    You can also transfer funds to AMC’s bank account before sending message for the Financial Transaction Request through NEFT / RTGS facility.

    Please Click Here and refer the question “Which are the Quantum collection bank account details to initiate an NEFT/RTGS transfer?” for our collection bank account details.

  • What will be the applicable NAV of request?
    The processing of transactions will be done as per applicable NAV in accordance with SEBI Mutual Fund Regulations i.e. to consider cut off timing and availability of funds for utilization for determining the applicable NAV the provisions of the respective Scheme Information Documents of the Scheme will be considered.

    For the purpose of determining the applicable NAV in accordance with SEBI Mutual Fund Regulations, the system recorded date and time at the end of the verification / confirmation call will be considered and not the date and time of the WhatsApp / HIKE message received by the system / Server of the AMC / Registrar. The transaction shall then be processed afterwards subject to further validity of request.

    Note : There may be delay in delivery / difference in the date and time of the WhatsApp / HIKE message received at the system / server of the AMC and the date and time of the server through which you have sent the message and also the AMC system / server may not receive / reject the message sent by you at all.
  • Can I transact through WhatApp/ HIKE if my folio is in demat mode?
    For folios in demat mode for non ETF schemes, only additional purchase transactions will be allowed.