Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • Who can invest via Electronic Mail (Email) ?

    Transaction Through Email (Without Attachment) -

    • Existing Individual Investors (irrespective of mode of holding)
    • All holders to be KYC compliant
    • The transaction email needs to be received from the Email Id registered under investor’s folio.
    • The investor’s mobile number needs to be registered in the said folio.
    • A new investor or non-individual investors cannot avail for this facility

    Transaction Through Email (With Attachment)

    • Existing Individual & non-individual Investors (irrespective of mode of holding)
    • All holders to be KYC compliant
    • The transaction email needs to be received from the Email Id registered under investor’s folio.
    • The investor’s mobile number needs to be registered in the said folio.
  • Who can not invest via Email ?
    Non individual Investors such as a company, HUF, trust etc. are not allowed to transact via Email.
  • What are the details required for Email transactions?
    The following details are mandatory for email transaction:
    Folio Number
    Scheme Name
    Transaction Type (Purchase, Redemption, Switch, etc.)
    Amount or units
    Mode of payment
    Funds Transfer Reference Number
    Please ensure that all the above details are mentioned by you in your email to us for a transaction.
  • Can I transact through email if my folio is in demat mode?
    For folios in demat mode for non ETF schemes, only additional purchase transactions will be allowed.
  • Is it possible for the investor who has been investing through the channel partner mode to now transact through email?
    Yes, Investors who have invested through channel partner mode can also transact through email provided the requisite details of channel partners (ARN code/EUIN code) are given in the email.
  • How do I transact through Email?
    For Financial Transactions , investors must send an email to and mention their folio number, scheme name & option, amount / units to purchase / redeem / switch, mode of payment etc.

    For Non Financial Transactions like change of email, change of mobile no. etc. investors must send the email to

    After sending the email the investor will receive an automated / system generated acknowledgment of the receipt of the Email transactions request. Please note that this is not to be considered as acceptance of transaction request. We will make a confirmation / verification call to the investor on their registered contact number through a recorded line to confirm / verify the transaction request even though the investor's contact number may be a part of the Do Not Disturb or DND registry. If  for any reason, the confirmation / verification is not completed then the request will not be processed and will be rejected by the AMC.

    After the necessary confirmation / verification for the Email transaction the AMC will send an acknowledgement email to the investor for acceptance or non acceptance of the transaction. Such acknowledgement email from the AMC shall be considered as valid acceptance or non acceptance of the transaction request and processed subsequently subject to validity of request.
  • What is the process if I have to transact in multiple schemes under one folio or multiple schemes under different folios?
    The email should clearly mention the folio number and the schemes in which an investor need to transact. In case of multiple folios related transaction the folio numbers of all the respective schemes should be mentioned in the email along with required transaction details.
  • What is the process for modification or cancellation of an email transaction?
    In case investors wish to modify or cancel their email transactions, they need to send a revised email to that respect before the stipulated cut – off time. The transaction cannot be modified or cancelled during the confirmation / verification call made from AMC.
  • What types of transactions are allowed through Email?
    Existing investors can make the following transactions through Email. Please note that it is mandatory to mention the Folio Number for any Email transaction. Financial Transactions
    Additional Purchase (Subscription)
    Switch in / Switch-out
    Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) & Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) Registration
    Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) & Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) Cancellation
    Trigger Request
    SIP / ISIP cancellation.
    (For ISIP cancellation Investors are requested to simultaneously cancel Quantum as the biller in the Banks bill pay option )
    Non-Financial Transactions:
    Change or Updation of Email id (Verification call* )
    Change or Updation of Mobile/Contact no (Verification call* )
    Updation of IFSC / MICR No / Bank Address
    Change of mode of Payment: Direct payment (NEFT/RTGS)/Cheque
    Updation of KYC after receiving KYC acknowledgement
    Change in broker code / EUIN
    Updation of PAN no (Verification call* )
    Change / Updation for Date of Birth
    Updation of DOB proof / relationship proof for minor investors
    Correction in name. If the same is matching with the PAN /KYC for KYC verified investors and PAN card copy to be received through email as an attachment
    *Note : Verification calls will be made to the investor as above . Also on case to case basis verification call may be made for any of the above if required by AMC for any additional clarifications or from PMLA perspective before updating the same in our records.
  • How can I make the payment for an Email transaction?

    You need to register your bank through the One Time Mandate form for transfer of funds to the AMC’s account against your purchase transaction. Please Click Here to know more on One Time Mandate Facility.

    You can also transfer funds to AMC’s bank account before sending SMS for the Financial Transaction Request through NEFT / RTGS facility.


    Please Click Here and refer the question “Which are the Quantum collection bank account details to initiate an NEFT/RTGS transfer?” for our collection bank account details

  • What will be the NAV applicability and time stamping process for an email transaction?
    The system recorded date and end time of the verification call will be considered for the purpose of determining the applicable NAV and accordingly NAV will be allotted as per the provisions of the respective offer document of the Scheme.

    The number of units allotted or redeemed will be calculated based on the cut-off time and Applicable NAV as per SEBI guidelines. All transactions submitted after the cut -off time will be deemed to have been accepted on the next Business Day and processed accordingly.

    NAV applicability in case of Non-Liquid Schemes - Purchase / Switch-In for less than Rs. 2 Lakhs - For non-liquid schemes the cut-off time for same day NAV is 3.00 pm for purchase transactions submitted online. All transactions submitted online before 3.00 pm will be eligible for same day''s NAV (except Saturday, Sunday and Holidays).

    For NAV applicability in case of switch transactions through email please refer to the switch matrix for applicable NAV as on date of email receipt.

    Purchase transactions submitted online after 3.00 pm on business days or on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays will be eligible for the applicable NAV of the next business day. Purchase / Switch-In for More Than Rs. 2 Lakhs - With respect to the purchase of units of mutual fund schemes (other than liquid schemes), the closing NAV of the day on which the funds are available for utilization shall be applicable for application amount equal to or more than Rs. 2 lakh, irrespective of the time of receipt of such application.

    NAV applicability in case of Liquid Scheme – In case of Quantum Liquid Fund the applicable NAV for allotment will be based on submission of purchase transaction online before cut off time of 1.30 pm and availability of funds for utilization before cut -off time. Units will be allotted upon receipt of funds only i.e. approximately T+2 business days, where T is the date of transaction and hence the applicable NAV will be determined accordingly.
  • How safe and secure is the email transaction ?
    Quantum Mutual Fund has aimed at making the email transaction process as safe and secure as possible for our investors. The email transaction is validated only after fulfilling these two criteria.
    The email is sent from the registered email id.
    The email transaction is authenticated by the investor through a call made to their registered contact number.
    In case of any of the above criteria is not fulfilled, the transaction will be considered as void and rejected with confirmation to the Unitholder.