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How much tax is applicable on MF income? (is it as per my Income tax slab or 18% GST).

While filing for Income Tax returns, you will show it as - salary income under the head - income from Salaries and Distributor Commission under the head - income from Business/Profession.

From your query, we infer that you may not be registered with GST authorities and may not have a GST number to conduct your Mutual Fund Distribution Business. Hence, you would fall under the ‘no liability to pay GST’ bracket, as you are not registered under the GST Act.


However, income earned through commissions from your Mutual Fund Distribution Business will be taxable under Income Tax. The Tax rates applicable for FY 2018-19 on the total income (Salary plus Mutual Fund Distribution Income) (below 60 years of age) is -


Income Tax Slab

Income Tax Rate

Income between Rs.2,50,001 - Rs.500,000


Income between Rs.500,001 - Rs.10,00,000


Income above Rs.10,00,000



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