Jimmy's Vision

My major concern is the growth in the AUM inspite of increase in marketing spends, why do you think the growth of the AUM has been tepid over the last few years for its flagship fund?. I am worried about the longevity of the firm if the AUM growth remains tepid. I am a chartered accountant and an MBA from IIM Kozhikode and I wish to continue my work as a mutual fund distributor so as to help others in creating and maintaining wealth. Any suggestions as to how should I garner more customers?
As far as longevity of Quantum is concerned, we would like to assure you that we have been through multiple market cycles in the past, and we will continue to work in the best interests of Investors and Partners, like you. We continue to receive Shareholder support for our investment & fund philosophy as well as our Marketing initiatives. Talking about the Marketing Budget, we have allocated a large chunk of our spends to the online world, which proves to be cost effective and measurable as compared to the offline world. 


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