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1. Can a minor invest in own name without PAN and without guardian? 2. Can investment upto Rs 50000 per annum be made by a minor - first time investor - without PAN / guardian? 3. What is the minimum holding time for investment by minor (with or without guardian)? Is it the usual 1 year without exit load or something different? 4. Can a minor invest in liquid funds?

1. A Guardian is mandatory for an investment under the name of a minor. Further, in case of a Minor’s investment, the PAN of the Minor is not required. The guardian’s PAN is to be quoted for investing under the name of a Minor.

2. We at Quantum, accept the investment for a value not exceeding Rs.50,000/- p.a. without the PAN, provided the investor/guardian is KYC compliant by providing other acceptable documents.

3. There is no minimum holding period for investment in the name of a minor. Please refer to the exit load applicable for the scheme invested in case you redeem before the exit load period.

4. Yes, a minor can invest in Liquid Funds.


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