Jimmy's Vision

Addressing a Twitter post through a courtesy mailer -

In the spirit of free enterprise and capitalism, Quantum engages in activities that support the efforts of Partners to evolve and give its investors opportunities to further their progress.

Quantum AMC, continues to lead the charge and carry the “Investor First” flag and are proud to have you as flag bearers along with us. You deserve our respect for your professional approach. Goodness must be given fairness and transparency for it to remain in existence.

The Fund House started its journey through the Direct mode and phased into Regular Plans in April 2017. Any investment done prior to April 2017 (even with an ARN code) was under the Direct Plan only since only one plan existed prior to April 2017. After launch of the Regular Plan communications were sent to all Investors under the Direct Plan with an ARN code and also to the Partners urging them to switch their clients’ investments under their code from the Direct Plan to the Regular Plan. Investors who didn’t switch in April 2017 to the Regular Plan remained invested in the Direct Plan.

All investors under the Direct Plan are serviced by the AMC. Service Calls are going only to investors who have invested through the Direct Plan and not to the ones who have invested through the Regular Plan under any Scheme.

The recording under question on your Twitter post was a service communication to our Direct Plan investor who has invested through the Direct Plan before we launched the Regular Plans and has not yet switched into the Regular Plan inspite of our earlier communication.   The Fund House follows highest standards of ethics and transparency and will not take any steps to jeopardize the efforts of the Advisor community.

Thank you for your support and confidence in our very un-traditional approach to looking after your investors’ savings. We are honored to have you onboard as our Partner.


Risk Factors: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

Please visit - to read Scheme Specific Risk Factors. Investors in the Scheme(s) are not being offered a guaranteed or assured rate of return and there can be no assurance that the scheme's objective will be achieved and the NAV of the scheme(s) may go up or down depending upon the factors and forces affecting securities markets. Investment in mutual fund units involves investment risks such as trading volumes, settlement risk, liquidity risk, default risk including possible loss of capital. Past performance of the Sponsor / AMC/ Mutual Fund does not indicate the future performance of the Scheme(s). Statutory Details: Quantum Mutual Fund (the Fund) has been constituted as a Trust under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. Sponsor: Quantum Advisors Private Limited. (liability of Sponsor limited to Rs. 1,00,000/-) Trustee: Quantum Trustee Company Private Limited. Investment Manager: Quantum Asset Management Company Private Limited (AMC). The Sponsor, Trustee and Investment Manager are incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956.